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Poems About: CULTURE

In this page, poems on / about “culture” are listed.

  • 229.
    Past link

    The past link

    Only historians can prove
    With so much authenticity and knowledge to move read more »

    hasmukh amathalal
  • 230.
    Alphabet And Our Freedom

    We go like A for Africa
    then B for the Black people
    why not C for our beloved Culture
    then D for our Dignity read more »

    Chris Che Mbuzi Kaunda
  • 231.
    Money and humanity..

    Thousands of years of life,
    In the small huts beside the rivers,
    The rain has no power,
    The wind has no power, read more »

    veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  • 232.

    Mother it is time.
    Kali is your name, from Kala it came.
    Kala means time, and now again it is time.
    It is time to display your anger, read more »

    Hardik Vaidya
  • 233.
    The Good Old Days

    Immorality has become the order of the day
    In shorts and trousers women stroll around
    Seating at my veranda most workaday
    Looking at men and women who cannot be distinguished read more »

    ali chukwuemeka
  • 234.
    Travel Haiku - Bali

    Ubud gallery tour
    artists give birth to so many
    one dimension balis read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 235.
    Once upon a time

    How high's the culture of the world today
    with wonderful technologies, full facilities
    and splendid universities
    as the garden of the superb dignities. read more »

    Koo Kooo
  • 236.
    The Village Poet

    i am a child of the word.
    conceived by the union of paper and pen,
    formed and created by the words that take shape,
    in poetry and literature's cultured and timely escape. read more »

    Barak Al'Mondia
  • 237.
    18.08.2009 Creative Diversity

    The miracles and wonders done by God in no way
    invalidates the mandate of other nation states to
    follow their own revelation of deity, Israel has right
    of place amongst everybody, attempts to wipe read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 238.
    A Fair Go For All People

    A fair go for all people to such I can relate
    Whatever be their culture their race, beliefs or faith
    Down with rank and class distinction and here's to the fair go
    In an egalatarian society peace and harmony would grow read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 239.
    off from our lands!

    know not why we ran away from home lands,
    know not how to fit in the new lands!

    in the depths of our hearts still there must be a beat, read more »

    Siddartha Montik
  • 240.

    I am the culture of every soul.
    I was there at the birth of mans first dream.
    Voices, plagues and language,
    tears wet and dry read more »

    Javier Zamorano
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