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Poems About: CRAZY

In this page, poems on / about “crazy” are listed.

  • 313.
    i am funny

    i am funny
    i cry upon hearing the pleas
    of the goats
    transported from the read more »

  • 314.

    When we were four you helped me tie my shoes
    We walked outside into a world that was still so new
    Took a walk down that old dirt road
    Looking back now I should of known read more »

    Maggie lll
  • 315.
    Hundred Miles Per Hour

    Ah that sunny day you sped to meet me
    One hundred miles per hour in fifth gear
    As we met we gave our hearts completely
    For we were crazy then my dearest dear. read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 316.
    weirdo friends

    some weird random friends
    crazy to the bizzare end
    loud and obnouxious
    and a bit wacky read more »

    Katharine Angelina Matias
  • 317.
    Crazy in Minds

    Where everybody's crazy,
    everybody lies...
    Well, that's where we're engaging
    in artifacts so blind. read more »

    Ete Amour
  • 318.

    it takes you life and pours it out
    it drains you of every thing fun
    every thing good it takes it away
    the feeling of joy it stolen and hidden read more »

    dillon Lowery
  • 319.
    But I think I'm just being me

    You may call me crazy, but I think I'm
    just being me.You may call me yellow
    and green but I think I'm just
    being my colorful me. read more »

    Melissa Schreuder
  • 320.
    Absolutley Nothing To Do

    Something but Nothing to Do
    Lazy Day Nobody Around
    Feeling Crazy vivacious
    Just Sitting around read more »

    Kelly Zender
  • 321.
    bad girl

    She never quit playing game
    Whith her biggest smile, can’t hardly reply
    Lift up, jump up and she’s crazy
    Cuz, that what she is. read more »

    reina Lorenzo
  • 322.
    I can

    I can be anything,
    I can do anything,
    I can be a dove in
    A rainbow drop. read more »

    nicole tates
  • 323.

    sometimes i feel
    so stupid and so stupid
    that i like being called stupid
    by other stupid people out read more »

  • 324.
    The crazy little boy vs. the moosey's lover

    the crazy little boy says he has no
    feelings for her.
    everyone knows that this is untrue.
    he claims that he is happy for them, yet read more »

    Ryan Belcher
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