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Honor, Faith & Momentary Courage - Poem by Tom Zart


Honor, morality, faith and integrity
Are the glue which holds society in place.
Pornography, hate, jealousy and greed
Cause man to be plagued by disgrace.

Night and day we're informed by headlines
Which seem to give evil added time.
Always at war killing one another
In our world full of valance and crime.

Be thankful for the upright among us
Who desire to obey God's laws.
Repentant when wrong they change their ways
Saving the rest of us despite our flaws.

Honor, morality, faith and integrity
Are what life's heroes are made of.
Defending what's right; confronting what's wrong
Propelled by achievement, and love.


Momentary courage helps preserve mankind
When our angel within is allowed to rise.
Men, women, children, kings and presidents
Are blessed by deeds not falsehoods and lies.

Be it soldier, fireman, policeman or physician
All have known the rush of courage.
To many among us think just of our self
In our world full of crime and discourage.

Thank God for the extraordinary
Who arrive by birth in every race.
Committing what's right to preserve what's true
Despite, the agents of hate and disgrace.

Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy,
Truman, Bill Clinton and George Bush too.
Had their moments of momentary courage
And the rest is up to me and you.


Will we battle terrorism as it should be fought
Or run away and let evil doers chase us to our door?
Will we protect our freedom and system of life
As our fathers and grandfathers sacrificed before?

Will we secure our borders against illegal entry
Or let our economy and security be destroyed?
Will we finally stop runaway wasteful spending
By leaders who are self-serving and void?

Will we continue to pledge our help to the less fortunate
Who suffer from war, hunger and disease?
Will we preserve our heritage and our future
From those who wish to bring liberty to its knees?

Never be afraid to be proud of America
And march with the thankful, honorable and just.
Never surrender our freedom of choice
Standing firm for what we believe and trust.

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