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  • 49.

    The loveliest poem I ever wrote
    was with almost a dozen couplets
    my fingers sang, when they met yours -
    the glimmer in your eyes said it all.

    The loveliest poem I ever wrote
    was the quadrets born when my lips
    and yours gently interwove -
    the shiver in your hands shown it small.

    The loveliest poem I ever wrote
    was the sonnets my body composed
    every time it stroked yours in rhythm -
    the murmer in your lips claimed it tall.

    The loveliest poem I ever wrote
    was the haiku my heart pronounced
    when I showered love deep within you -
    the tremor in your body praised it well.

    The loveliest poem I ever wrote
    was the hymn born from silence
    when my soul mixed with yours -
    the flower in your womb is my nobel. read more »

  • 50.
    'Black Bart, Po8'

    Welcome, good friend; as you have served your term,
    And found the joy of crime to be a fiction,
    I hope you'll hold your present faith, stand firm
    And not again be open to conviction. read more »

  • 51.
    Mr. Pope

    When Alexander Pope strolled in the city
    Strict was the glint of pearl and ''old sedans.
    Ladies leaned out more out of fear than pity read more »

  • 52.
    Kake-Jisku Ghazal

    Nature’s seams of seasons en plein air sur terre
    orbit of harmony en plain air sur terre

    Primavera, our eyes rise for your coming read more »

  • 53.
    Fake Boots

    Actually, stamping our feet
    should have only awakened her,
    but surprisingly, her motionless, senseless body made us run around
    look for water, seniors and women read more »

  • 54.
    A Poet, I am Not

    Friend: A poet, I am not.
    Those who are,
    Sing not,
    Care naught for the oppressed, read more »

  • 55.
    Retirement Eulogy

    I retire with honour leaving my post to other.
    Settling all the public affairs, I am happier.
    Like a fairy, I take naps leisurely.
    Things which I like to do freely: - read more »

  • 56.

    Perfectly fused ideas and conceits
    Of minds fabulous in lines sweet.But
    Feet, meters and syllables
    Often treat very strangely. read more »

  • 57.
    .Sacred Kisses (couplets)

    Early morning mists envelop and swirl
    Beneath Smokey’s English topography

    By day, she sports a stylish new fall coat read more »

  • 58.
    30th January - An Order

    Today's Thirtieth January
    Write-if you must
    Ask not for ink
    Transfer tears on paper. read more »

  • 59.

    Then one of the students with blue hair and a tongue stud
    Says that America is for him a maximum-security prison read more »

  • 60.
    I am on diet

    I’ll put on diet my fattish ass
    So that the doorway I could pass.
    I’ll do some exercises to lose weight
    As fat asses I just hate. read more »

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