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Poems About: COUPLET

In this page, poems on / about “couplet” are listed.

  • 49.
    Groundhog Day

    February 2nd, a rodent’s inane holiday
    To predict whether Spring is near or far away
    Rooted in Candlemas tradition
    The groundhog was a later addition read more »

    Nancy Chambers
  • 50.
    A Lark

    A Lark

    Better have a crow
    To caw read more »

    Karnail Singh Heirwale
  • 51.

    Couplet poems always need to rhyme
    But they don't need to take up a certain amount of time
    Free verse is my favorite
    There are no rules or rhythm read more »

    Amanda Lobsiger
  • 52.
    forget me not

    Forget-me-not, I felt how fair you be
    the pleasing mien of you still haunts my eyes
    though I must stay away from where love lies
    so many flies they make it hard to see read more »

    omar ibrahim
  • 53.
    I am on diet

    I’ll put on diet my fattish ass
    So that the doorway I could pass.
    I’ll do some exercises to lose weight
    As fat asses I just hate. read more »

    Larisa Rzhepishevska
  • 54.
    Alankar (Decor) -7

    Angry Beings(Shakespearean Sonnet)

    Shakespearean sonnet-
    made up of 3 quatrains and ending in a rhymed couplet. read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 55.

    Sunset, yet the wet day doesn't fade away
    Aimless next day, no text, no pay
    Herbs exchange hands, and so 'their' strange words
    The superb weed kills it all, and pills' need will fall read more »

    John Gichomo
  • 56.
    Craft and Wisemen versus Kraft und Eisen

    Sur[e]ly teutons were defeated
    by hurly-burly true and sturdy,
    tune called to their hurdy-gurdy,
    'might' to 'might not' soon retreated. read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 57.

    Two things make a couple, Two lines of poetry make a couplet, Two eyes can see well, Two ears can hear well, Two hands can work well, Two legs can walk well, Two tonsils can perform well, read more »

  • 58.
    'Arbeit Macht Frei'

    Which means work sets you free.
    That bears at the entrance of Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp.
    How does it fades the holocaust in the poor human memory?
    The memorial day is commemorated internationally January 27, the anniversary of the date of the Liberation, the death camp in 1945. read more »

    nimal dunuhinga
  • 59.
    In Time I Wont Rhyme

    I'd like to write a poem
    And one that doesn't rhyme
    But it's harder than I realised
    I'm failing all the time read more »

    Bridgid Patrick
  • 60.
    ..raven black

    flowers etched in glass
    their bloom immortalized,
    their frangrance a frozen promise
    never tested hence never broken.... read more »

    wardha jawdat
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