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  • 49.
    Two California Parks in Early Spring

    I. Concord Skateboard Park

    Sheltered in this smooth, round,
    concrete nest of dips and curves,
    obelisks and giant, Mayan steps

    on a blind corner
    hidden by small hills
    from two busy streets
    intersecting at its tip,

    Twenty boys,8 to 18,
    practice their moves,
    swiveling one-pointedly
    up and down and around.

    Some day they’ll move on
    from this birthing-ground,
    swiveling down the decades
    on a board or office chair.

    A few girls watch,
    Sprawled on the grass.
    Behind them all,
    flowering crabapples, palms,
    then the mountains.

    The city’s wise to have
    invested a few bucks
    toward its future
    in an old, vacant lot.

    II. A Chant To Heather Farms Park

    Sun of fire,
    water of lake and fountain,
    earth whose soil sustains the lawns,
    and air of the sweet breath of spring:
    the four elements are holding
    a conclave here on this Sunday afternoon,

    drawing many families,
    and especially, today,
    calling forth many sounds.

    Oh, park of a basketball's steady bounce,
    of lovers whispering in Russian
    and the creaking rhythm of swings.

    Park of car engines starting,
    of families who laugh or talk
    in Hindi, Bengali, English, Arabic,
    and in goose-squawk and duck-flap,

    Park of the slide of scooter wheels,
    of loud feet chasing the one
    who caught the football,
    of a hand tapping the body of a guitar,
    and a far-off, hip-hop radio.

    Silent with pen,
    o park of joy,
    I take you home on paper,
    I take you home in my heart. read more »

  • 50.
    Weep In a Flowerless Place

    I walk on the rubble
    Hard city concrete
    Amid spaced-apart
    Solitary trees read more »

  • 51.

    I can’t pretend
    there’s beauty to exhume

    from these slabs read more »

  • 52.


    Plastic flowers
    Lipstick lovers read more »

  • 53.

    Summer sounds,
    Concrete and heat, read more »

  • 54.
    I Don't Want To Change

    If trust were a material thing,
    solid and concrete,
    there would be huge
    boxes of it in the attic read more »

  • 55.
    To A Teen

    Tom's buddy ran a secret lab,
    made funny little pills.
    The gift he had was of the gab:
    'My uppers cure all ills.' read more »

  • 56.
    A park amidst highrise

    Mornings and evenings witness
    commoners of different shapes
    caste, creed, colour & age
    jog, walk, yoga or meditate read more »

  • 57.
    beyond words

    beyond words
    must be concrete actions
    beyond actions
    must be memories read more »

  • 58.
    What makes it?

    What makes it?

    brick concrete
    paints tiles read more »

  • 59.
    Where people live in the concrete jungle

    Where people live in the concrete jungle
    with apartments as their property
    and no one knows of grass or flowers
    or any natural life source read more »

  • 60.
    on to something more concrete


    i check on the word 'grass'
    not in the wikipedia read more »

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