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I'M A Freight Train Homeward Bound For A While With You - Poem by Mark Heathcote

Senior ushers and second time around brides
Turn into stationary, concrete breezeblocks
Whenever a priest a righteous man arrives —
Too oversee the hem of their dirty white lily frocks.

Its then they, tread water sinking in heavy snow
Fearless their eyes darken as pack-ice, as pitch.
Two glinting wrongs too right; like a flightless crow,
Their black hearts, bleeding exposed to over flow.

It's then they, and the groom, who…
Initially, didn't internally want to show.
But then did, showed-up anyhow,
Frightened to be alone, shiver to his, marrow bone.

All because he felt somehow, duty bound.
He believed in his future wife and the good lord
And said I do… and now, I feel so filled with pride
I'm a freight train homeward bound for a while.

Whistling I'm on my way, evil luck —
Might just be a stone's throw away,
But now that doubt has flown, like hand of muck
I'll forget I once had plans for the priesthood - anyway…

So the devil couldn't break that evil love struck spell.
Silence, silence wept like a quiet provocateur!
And in my misguided mind I tried to kick him back to hell…
All his promising lingering kisses now go unmeasured.

Abruptly, my faith stopped only for one good measure
Just as diamonds are cut to distinguish a floored carrot…
His light is now spliced frozen cold and imprisoned.
His light is now spliced cold and imprisoned into just one soul.

Oh all the senior ushers and second time around brides
Turned into concrete embezzled breezeblocks
Whenever a priest a righteous man arrives
To oversee the hem of their dirty white lily frocks

Its then I with my first time around bride kick blood soaked snow
Fearless with eyes sparkling with king's ransom in gold rich
Two glinting wrongs to right; like a flightless crow
We fix our wings and jettisoned every sin that the devil had in stowed.

And said I do… too you and now, I feel so filled with pride
I'm a freight train homeward bound sinless for a while with you.

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