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Small Urban Towns - Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

In small urban towns,
Where people exist...
To be in the business of others,
Not too much concrete is done...
To cement the foundations,
With an interest on the future...
That prepares the young ones.

In small urban towns,
People talk about being 'back home'.
People talk about how things use to be,
Before they came to arrive somewhere else...
Not to get involved themselves to assist or condone.
But to critique what others do as is shown and known,
As if in the doing their assessments should be approved.

In small urban towns,
Where gossiping is loved and done day and night...
Many have appetites for not keeping it 'real',
Since those who are 'real' offend and don't appeal.
And they are the ones who have experienced truth.
Something those deluded refuse themselves to do.

And in small urban towns,
People expect to get entitlements.
With a unified effort to keep 'down home' in their midst.
Conflicts arise and differences are not respected.
A lack of discipline is obvious.
And kept identities to dignify have long gone neglected.

Yet in small towns,
There is a charm many do not seem to see.
Too many divisions are subdivided and permanently.
There are those from the islands and those from overseas.
There are those from both coasts, North and South...
With a wish these small towns can be,
Like it was when their ancestors came to feed and feast.
But in their minds those living in small towns,
Can not leave behind their hypocrisies...
To establish a future for their children who have visions,
On cities and people not caught up on petty deeds.

In small urban towns,
Where people exist...
To be in the business of others,
Not too much concrete is done...
To cement the foundations,
With an interest on the future...
That prepares the young ones.
And these small urban towns are left behind,
By those who have wider visions in their minds...
To live and be and exist as they wish,
During these speeding and changing times...
For them with diverse lifestyles small urban towns,
Will never to them provide this benefit.

'We are losing our youth.'

~Perhaps if you rid those 'mules' they will come back.~

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