Classical Poems

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Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy poet We Are The Music-Makers by Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy
We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
7.74 6
Kazi Nazrul Islam poet We Are The People Who Once Sacrificed Their Lives by Kazi Nazrul Islam
We are the people who once sacrificed their lives
for truth and righteousness.
5.50 0
Jorge Luis Borges poet We Are The Time. We Are The Famous by Jorge Luis Borges
We are the time. We are the famous
metaphor from Heraclitus the Obscure.
7.82 0
Rabindranath Tagore poet We Are To Play The Game Of Death by Rabindranath Tagore
WE are to play the game of death to-night, my bride and I.
The night is black, the clouds in the sky are capricious, and the waves are raving at sea.
5.42 1
David Herbert Lawrence poet We Are Transmitters by David Herbert Lawrence
As we live, we are transmitters of life.
And when we fail to transmit life, life fails to flow through us.
5.83 0
Jibanananda Das poet We Both Are Here, Again by Jibanananda Das
We both are here, again,
in memory of sound bird’s river of light.
10.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet We Can But Follow To The Sun by Emily Dickinson
We can but follow to the Sun—
5.50 0
Lesbia Harford poet We Climbed That Hill, by Lesbia Harford
We climbed that hill,
The road flushed red in pride
5.42 0
T. K. Doraiswamy poet We Come Here by T. K. Doraiswamy
We come
here to be
0.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet We Cover Thee—sweet Face by Emily Dickinson
We Cover Thee—Sweet Face—
0.00 0
Yevgeny Abramovich Baratynsky poet We Diligently Watch by Yevgeny Abramovich Baratynsky
We diligently watch the world,
We diligently watch the people -
5.82 0
Mirabai poet We Do Not by Mirabai
We do not get a human life
Just for the asking.
0.00 0
Bireswar Barua poet We Do Not Know by Bireswar Barua
We do not know where this journey ends
In the lush green meadow,
0.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet We Do Not Play On Graves by Emily Dickinson
We do not play on Graves—
10.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet We Don'T Cry—tim And I by Emily Dickinson
We don't cry—Tim and I,
10.00 0
Anna Akhmatova poet We Don't Know How To Say Goodbye by Anna Akhmatova
We don't know how to say good-bye
We wander on, shoulder by shoulder.
10.00 1
Emily Dickinson poet We Dream—it Is Good We Are Dreaming by Emily Dickinson
We dream—it is good we are dreaming—
0.00 0
Herman Melville poet We Fish by Herman Melville
We fish, we fish, we merrily swim,
We care not for friend nor for foe.
5.29 1
William Ernest Henley poet We Flash Across The Level by William Ernest Henley
We flash across the level.
We thunder thro' the bridges.
6.08 1
Li Po poet We Fought For - South Of The Walls by Li Po
Died for - North of the Ramparts’(to an old tune)
We fought for Mulberry Springs
5.08 1
Sayeed Abubakar poet We Get by Sayeed Abubakar Gold Star - 12,511 Points
We meet up the sea-thirst
by diving into the river;
6.36 0
Mary Colborne-Veel poet We Go No More To The Forest by Mary Colborne-Veel
WE go no more to the forest,
The rimus are all cut down.
4.86 0
Kenneth Patchen poet We Go Out Together In The Staring Town by Kenneth Patchen
We go out together into the staring town
And buy cheese and bread and little jugs with
5.53 4
Emily Dickinson poet We Grow Accustomed To The Dark by Emily Dickinson
We grow accustomed to the Dark -
When light is put away -
9.08 2
Maya Angelou poet We Had Him by Maya Angelou
Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing
Now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind
8.36 9
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