Classical Poems

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Henry Lawson poet When Your Sins Come Home To Roost by Henry Lawson
When you fear the barber’s mirror when you go to get a crop,
Or in sorrow every morning comb your hair across the top:
5.98 0
Edith Nesbit poet When! by Edith Nesbit
WHEN I am young again I'll hoard my bliss,
Nor deem that inexhaustible it is,
5.86 0
Sir John Suckling poet When, Dearest, I But Think Of Thee by Sir John Suckling
When, dearest I but think of thee,
Methinks all things that lovely be
5.00 0
Owen Felltham poet When, Dearest, I But Think On Thee by Owen Felltham
When, dearest, I but think on thee,
Methinks all things that lovely be
5.68 1
Dylan Thomas poet When, Like A Running Grave by Dylan Thomas
When, like a running grave, time tracks you down,
Your calm and cuddled is a scythe of hairs,
5.68 0
Marina İvanovna Tsvetayeva poet Whence Cometh Such Tender Rapture? by Marina İvanovna Tsvetayeva
Whence cometh such tender rapture?
Those curls--they are not the first ones
5.59 0
Lalleshwari poet Whence I Have Come And By Which Way by Lalleshwari
Whence I have come and by which way,
I do not know.
0.00 0
Thomas Moore poet Whene'Er I See Those Smiling Eyes by Thomas Moore
Whene'er I see those smiling eyes,
So full of hope, and joy, and light,
6.14 0
William Stanley Merwin poet Whenever I Go There by William Stanley Merwin
Whenever I go there everything is changed
The stamps on the bandages the titles
6.75 0
Lesbia Harford poet Whenever I Think Of You, You Are Alone by Lesbia Harford
Whenever I think of you, you are alone,
Shut by yourself between
6.37 0
Javed Akhtar poet Whenever The Clouds Of Pain And Sadness Loomed, by Javed Akhtar
Whenever the clouds of pain and sadness loomed,
Whenever tears came till the eyelashes,
6.80 1
Augusta Davies Webster poet Where Found Love His Yesterday? by Augusta Davies Webster
WHERE found Love his yesterday?
When is Love's to-morrow? say.
5.97 0
Anna Laetitia Barbauld poet Where A Crowd Of Pilgrims Toil by Anna Laetitia Barbauld
The world is not their friend, nor the world's law.
Lo where a crowd of pilgrims toil
5.50 0
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge poet Where A Roman Villa Stood, Above Freiburg by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
On alien ground, breathing an alien air,
A Roman stood, far from his ancient home,
9.00 0
Robert Burns poet Where Are The Joys I Have Met by Robert Burns
WHERE are the joys I have met in the morning,
That danc'd to the lark's early song?
0.00 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Where Are The Temperance People? In Reply To A Query by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Where are the temperance people?
Well, scattered here and there:
5.39 0
Sydney Thompson Dobell poet Where Are You Poets? by Sydney Thompson Dobell
Where are you, Poets, that a Hero dies
Unsung? He who, when Duty brought too soon
5.60 0
Francis Thompson poet Where Art Thou Come? by Francis Thompson
'Friend, whereto art thou come?' Thus Verity;
Of each that to the world's sad Olivet
5.81 0
John Keats poet Where Be Ye Going, You Devon Maid? by John Keats
WHERE be ye going, you Devon maid?
And what have ye there i' the basket?
5.68 3
Emily Dickinson poet Where Bells No More Affright The Morn by Emily Dickinson
Where bells no more affright the morn—
10.00 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet Where Children Play by Edgar Albert Guest
On every street there's a certain place
Where the children gather to romp and race;
0.00 0
Harbhajan Singh poet Where Did The Sisters Go by Harbhajan Singh
Where did the sisters go
Where did the mothers depart?
5.50 0
Kabir poet Where Do You Search Me by Kabir
Moko Kahan Dhundhere Bande
Mein To Tere Paas Mein
5.97 3
Sant Tukaram poet Where Does One Begin With You? by Sant Tukaram
Where does one begin with you?
O Lord, you have no opening line
0.00 0
Ethel Turner poet Where Does The Winter Go? by Ethel Turner
There goes the Winter, sulkily slinking
Somewhere behind the trees on the hill.
4.78 0
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