Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Aruni Kashyap poet Where The Sun Rises by Aruni Kashyap
If you come back,
There will be no sun,
5.50 0
Czeslaw Milosz poet Where The Sun Rises And Where It Sets by Czeslaw Milosz
Once, when returning from far Transylvania
Through mountain forests, rocks, and Carpathian ridges,
0.00 0
Velimir Khlebnikov poet Where The Waxwings Used To Dwell by Velimir Khlebnikov
Where the waxwings used to dwell,
Where the pine trees softly swayed,
6.07 0
Emily Dickinson poet Where Thou Art—that—is Home by Emily Dickinson
Where Thou art—that—is Home—
9.33 0
Gopaldas Neeraj poet Where To Civilization? by Gopaldas Neeraj
Whore to this world ?
What speed-Science ?
5.50 0
Kazi Nazrul Islam poet Where Was I by Kazi Nazrul Islam
O Mother,
Can you tell me mother, where was I?
0.00 0
Kate Lilley poet Where Was I by Kate Lilley
High speed trains aren’t meant for looking:
if you try to solve the blur you’ll get a headache.
9.00 0
William Henry Davies poet Where We Differ by William Henry Davies
To think my thoughts are hers,
Not one of hers is mine;
5.18 1
Sayeed Abubakar poet Where We Live by Sayeed Abubakar Bronze Star - 2,261 Points
We do not know where we live now.
Here is no difference between man and cow,
6.54 2
Philip Levine poet Where We Live Now by Philip Levine
We live here because the houses
5.50 0
Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin poet Where Will I Find Words by Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin
Where will I find words to describe our stroll,
The Chablis on ice, the toasted bread
6.21 0
Arvind Krishna Mehrotra poet Where Will The Next One Come From by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
The next one will come from the air
It will be an overripe pumpkin
9.00 0
Octavio Paz poet Where Without Whom by Octavio Paz
There is not
A single soul among the trees
4.91 0
Peter Bakowski poet Where Words Take Us by Peter Bakowski
(for Adam Ford and Dennis Wild)
I write poetry—
0.00 0
Evie Shockley poet Where You Are Planted by Evie Shockley
He's as high as a georgia pine, my father'd say, half laughing. southern trees
as measure, metaphor. highways lined with kudzu-covered southern trees
7.00 0
Kenneth Patchen poet WHERE? by Kenneth Patchen
There's a place the man always say
Come in here, child
0.00 0
Heinrich Heine poet Where? by Heinrich Heine
Where shall I, of wandering weary,
Find my resting-place at last?
0.00 0
Helen Hunt Jackson poet Where? by Helen Hunt Jackson
My snowy eupatorium has dropped
Its silver threads of petals in the night;
5.55 0
Edna St. Vincent Millay poet Whereas At Morning In A Jeweled Crown by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Whereas at morning in a Jeweled Crown
I bit my fingers and was hard to please,
5.40 1
James Whitcomb Riley poet Where-Away by James Whitcomb Riley
O the Lands of Where-Away!
Tell us--tell us--where are they?
5.62 0
Adrian Henri poet Where'Er You Walk by Adrian Henri
`Where'er you walk
Cool gales shall fan that glade'
0.00 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Wherefore by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Wherefore in dreams are sorrows born anew,
A healed wound opened, or the past revived?
5.31 0
Edward George Dyson poet Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? by Edward George Dyson
I see thee still in doublet wide,
And hose well kept, a world too slack,
5.51 0
Edward Estlin Cummings poet Where's Madge Then, by Edward Estlin Cummings
Where's Madge then,
Madge and her men?
0.00 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet Where's Mamma? by Edgar Albert Guest
Comes in flying from the street;
'Where's Mamma?'
0.00 0
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