Classical Poems

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William Ernest Henley poet Where Forlorn Sunsets Flare And Fade by William Ernest Henley
Where forlorn sunsets flare and fade
On desolate sea and lonely sand,
5.77 0
Robert Louis Stevenson poet Where Go The Boats? by Robert Louis Stevenson
Dark brown is the river,
Golden is the sand.
6.56 1
Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor poet Where Has He Gone, My Dearest Friend by Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor
Where has he gone, my dearest friend,
My heart's mainstay, my lord of love,
0.00 0
Augusta Davies Webster poet Where Home Was by Augusta Davies Webster
'TWAS yesterday; 'twas long ago:
And for this flaunting grimy street,
5.61 0
Emily Dickinson poet Where I Have Lost, I Softer Tread by Emily Dickinson
Where I have lost, I softer tread—
10.00 0
Anne Sexton poet Where I Live In This Honorable House Of The Laurel Tree by Anne Sexton
I live in my wooden legs and O
my green green hands.
5.55 0
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet Where Innocent Bright-Eyed Daisies Are by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Where innocent bright-eyed daisies are,
With blades of grass between,
6.00 0
Vachel Lindsay poet Where Is David, The Next King Of Israel? by Vachel Lindsay
Where is David? . . . O God's people,
Saul has passed, the good and great.
5.82 0
Evie Shockley poet Where Is It Clean by Evie Shockley
when your mother can rise from her place
on the pew during the early service,
5.59 1
Shams al-Din Hafiz Shirazi poet Where Is My Ruined Life ? by Shams al-Din Hafiz Shirazi
WHERE is my ruined life, and where the fame
Of noble deeds?
5.35 0
Peter Cherches poet Where Is She? by Peter Cherches
Where is she, I wondered, when she wasn't there.
If she's not here she could be anywhere. She could be
5.47 0
Kazi Nazrul Islam poet Where Is The Peacock's Throne by Kazi Nazrul Islam
'Where is the Peacock's Throne,
And where the Ruling Role? '
10.00 0
Vachel Lindsay poet Where Is The Real Non-Resistant by Vachel Lindsay
(Matthew V, 38-48.)
Who can surrender to Christ, dividing his best with the stranger,
5.75 0
Thomas Moore poet Where Is The Slave by Thomas Moore
Oh, where's the slave so lowly,
Condemn'd to chains unholy,
6.10 0
Sri Chinmoy Ghose poet Where Is The Truth? by Sri Chinmoy Ghose
O Lord, where is the Truth?
'Where your Beloved is.'
0.00 0
Anne Sexton poet Where It Was At Back Then by Anne Sexton
last night I dreamt
5.50 0
Emily Pauline Johnson poet Where Leaps The Ste. Marie by Emily Pauline Johnson
What dream you in the night-time
5.63 0
Arthur Hugh Clough poet Where Lies The Land To Which The Ship Would Go? by Arthur Hugh Clough
Where lies the land to which the ship would go?
Far, far ahead, is all her seamen know.
6.50 0
William Wordsworth poet Where Lies The Land To Which Yon Ship Must Go? by William Wordsworth
WHERE lies the Land to which yon Ship must go?
Fresh as a lark mounting at break of day,
4.17 0
John Wilbye poet Where Most My Thoughts by John Wilbye
Where most my thoughts, there least mine eye is striking;
Where least I come, there most my heart abideth;
0.00 0
William Butler Yeats poet Where My Books Go by William Butler Yeats
All the words that I utter,
And all the words that I write,
8.45 1
Yvor Winters poet Where My Sight Goes by Yvor Winters
Who knows
Where my sight goes,
9.67 0
Dylan Thomas poet Where Once The Waters Of Your Face by Dylan Thomas
Where once the waters of your face
Spun to my screws, your dry ghost blows,
4.98 1
Shiv Kumar Batalvi poet Where Perfumed Rivers Flow by Shiv Kumar Batalvi
Where perfumed rivers flow,
Is the home of my beloved.
0.00 0
Rabindranath Tagore poet Where Shadow Chases Light by Rabindranath Tagore
This is my delight,
thus to wait and watch at the wayside
5.87 2
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