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Treasure Island

Classical Poems

Title Poet
Within this Earthen Vessel
WITHIN this earthen vessel are bowers and groves,
and within it is the Creator:
Kabir poet by Kabir
on 5/2/2012
On the first day the goat climbed to the top branch of the acacia tree and said, The ship sailing to the new world will sink before it leaves the harb
Christopher Merrill poet by Christopher Merrill
on 3/20/2012
Without A Title
So aloof, so meek in your ways,
Now you're fire, you're pure combustion.
Boris Pasternak poet by Boris Pasternak
on 4/3/2010
Without And Withiin
My coachman, in the moonlight there,
Looks through the sidelight of the door;
James Russell Lowell poet by James Russell Lowell
on 5/10/2012
Without Ceremony
It was your way, my dear,
To be gone without a word
Thomas Hardy poet by Thomas Hardy
on 4/10/2010
Without Darkness
Without Darkness where will you find the all-revealing Light?
How long will you continue to build castles in your dreams?
Zia Fatehabadi poet by Zia Fatehabadi
on 6/20/2012
Without Disguise
If I have erred in showing all my heart,
And lost your favour by a lack of pride;
Henry Van Dyke poet by Henry Van Dyke
on 1/3/2003
Without Hope: [Reménytelenül]
Slowly, musingly,
I am as one who comes to rest
Attila Jozsef poet by Attila Jozsef
on 9/25/2010
Without Looking
Either at my friend's daughter's
sixteen-year-old body dumped
Patricia Goedicke poet by Patricia Goedicke
on 1/13/2003
without me
Without me
you are something
david bailey poet by david bailey
on 3/4/2008
Without Parachutes
The experience of fear is not an observer of it; he is fear itself, the very instrument of fear.
-J. Krishnamurti
Erica Jong poet by Erica Jong
on 3/28/2012
Without Sexual Attraction
Without sexual attraction, there is
the brutal movement of the sea.
David Ignatow poet by David Ignatow
on 3/14/2012
Without this—there is nought
Without this—there is nought—
Emily Dickinson poet by Emily Dickinson
on 1/1/2004
Without warning
Without warning
as a whirlwind
Sappho poet by Sappho
on 12/31/2002
Without Warning
My father spent most of his adult life
working for the Commonwealth Public Service, shunting files
David Brooks poet by David Brooks
on 5/2/2012
Without You
My Pillow gazes upon me at night
Empty as a gravestone;
Hermann Hesse poet by Hermann Hesse
on 1/13/2003
Without You
Without you every morning would feel like going back to work after a holiday,
Without you I couldn't stand the smell of the East Lancs Road,
Adrian Henri poet by Adrian Henri
on 2/18/2004
Withowt Dyscord
Withowt dyscord
And bothe acorde
Henry VIII, King of England poet by Henry VIII, King of England
on 4/30/2012
Against the enormous rocks of a rough coast
The ocean rams itself in pitched assault
Anthony Evan Hecht poet by Anthony Evan Hecht
on 1/13/2003
Witnessing the Launch of the Shuttle Atlantis
So much of life in the world is waiting, that
This day was no exception, so we waited
Howard Nemerov poet by Howard Nemerov
on 5/3/2012
Wittgenstein's Ladder
"My propositions serve as elucidations in the following way:
anyone who understands them eventually recognizes them as
David Lehman poet by David Lehman
on 1/13/2003
No greater evil can a man endure
Than a bad wife, nor find a greater good
Sophocles poet by Sophocles
on 9/24/2012
Wives By The Dozen
O Death how thou spoil'st the best project of life,
Said Gabriel, who still as he bury'd one wife,
Matthew Prior poet by Matthew Prior
on 4/19/2010
Wives in the Sere
Never a careworn wife but shows,
Thomas Hardy poet by Thomas Hardy
on 1/4/2003
Wives of a Few Bureaucrats
We, the wives of a few bureaucrats,
Turn our faces to you,
Abdul Ghani Hazari poet by Abdul Ghani Hazari
on 3/23/2012
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