Classical Poems

Title Poet
With a Rope of Loose-Spun Thread am I Towing
With a rope of loose-spun thread am I towing
my boat upon the sea.
Lalleshwari poet by Lalleshwari
on 7/13/2012
With Deep-seated Grief And Pain in Every Fibre
With deep-seated grief and pain in every fibre,
I wonder when love carved its image in my heart !
Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor poet by Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor
on 7/12/2012
With Absolute Joy
With absolute joy, I sing thebr ahman!
But those encaptivated by theirk ar ma speak ill of me!
Narsinh Mehta poet by Narsinh Mehta
on 6/30/2012
With Arms Spread Out
With arms spread out, he longingly pleads;
There being no other alternative he relies on fate;
Zia Fatehabadi poet by Zia Fatehabadi
on 6/20/2012
With a Pressed Flower
This little blossom from afar
Hath come from other lands to thine;
James Russell Lowell poet by James Russell Lowell
on 5/10/2012
With Every Thought
With every Thought I went
out of the World: there you were,
Paul Celan poet by Paul Celan
on 11/23/2011
With Emma at the Ladies-Only Swimming Pond on Hampstead He..
In payment for those mornings at the mirror while,
at her
Linda Gregerson poet by Linda Gregerson
on 9/14/2011
With A Rose From Conway Castle
On hoary Conway's battlemented height,
O poet-heart, I pluck for thee a rose!
Julia Caroline (Ripley) Dorr poet by Julia Caroline (Ripley) Dorr
on 9/4/2010
With A Water-Lily
SEE, dear, what thy lover brings;
'Tis the flower with the white wings.
Henrik Johan Ibsen poet by Henrik Johan Ibsen
on 4/16/2010
With Eternity Standing By
How shall I bid you good--bye,
Dear, without tears?
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt poet by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
on 4/13/2010
With every gust of wind
With every gust of wind,
the butterfly changes its place
Matsuo Basho poet by Matsuo Basho
on 4/2/2010
With Dickens
In Windsor Terrace, number four,
I’ve taken my abode—
Henry Lawson poet by Henry Lawson
on 3/27/2010
With Blood on His Hands, Commissar Y. Raichman Ponders the..
A Nazi lie and Hitler’s plot? —
The forest sighs but gives no answers.
Leo Yankevich poet by Leo Yankevich
on 5/12/2009
With Deaths' Prophetic Ear
Lay my rifle here beside me, set my Bible on my breast,
For a moment let the warning bugles cease;
Frank Dalby Davison poet by Frank Dalby Davison
on 1/1/2004
With A Painted Ribbon
LITTLE leaves and flow'rets too,
Scatter we with gentle hand,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poet by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
on 1/1/2004
With brutus in st. jo
Of all the opry-houses then obtaining in the West
The one which Milton Tootle owned was, by all odds, the best;
Eugene Field poet by Eugene Field
on 1/1/2004
With Due Respect To Thor
The dog has shrunk between the brake and clutch. His shaking shakes a two-ton truck. From a God
Heather McHugh poet by Heather McHugh
on 1/13/2003
With Eye and with Gesture
With eye and with gesture
You say you are holy.
Stephen Crane poet by Stephen Crane
on 1/3/2003
With Arms Outstretched
arms outstreched
Laura Sewell poet by Laura Sewell
on 1/3/2003
With an Identity Disc
If ever I dreamed of my dead name
High in the heart of London, unsurpassed
Wilfred Owen poet by Wilfred Owen
on 1/3/2003
With Drake in the Tropics
South and far south below the Line,
Our Admiral leads us on,
Rudyard Kipling poet by Rudyard Kipling
on 12/31/2002
With Antecedents
WITH antecedents;
With my fathers and mothers, and the accumulations of past ages;
Walt Whitman poet by Walt Whitman
on 12/31/2002
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