Classical Poems

Title Poet
WISHES left on your lips
The mark of their wings.
Carl Sandburg poet by Carl Sandburg
on 1/27/2014
THIS world is made a witchcraft place
With gazing on a woman's face.
Madison Julius Cawein poet by Madison Julius Cawein
on 10/5/2012
Witch Stone
At Forres is a large round stone,
A relic of the days by gone;
James McIntyre poet by James McIntyre
on 5/4/2012
With a Nantucket Shell
I SEND thee a shell from the ocean beach;
But listen thou well, for my shell hath speech.
Charles Harper Webb poet by Charles Harper Webb
on 3/14/2012
I wish we could live as the flowers live,
To breathe and to bloom in the summer and sun;
Dora Sigerson Shorter poet by Dora Sigerson Shorter
on 9/29/2010
With A Copy Of 'The Rabbi Of Bachwach'
Burst out in wailing riot,
Thou darkling martyr-lay,
Heinrich Heine poet by Heinrich Heine
on 4/20/2010
Witchcraft: New Style
The sun drew off at last his piercing fires.
Over the stale warm air, dull as a pond
Lascelles Abercrombie poet by Lascelles Abercrombie
on 4/8/2010
Witchery Knows!
Witchery knows what it means
When the oats and the barley, the wheat and the beans,
William Henry Ogilvie poet by William Henry Ogilvie
on 4/7/2010
I wish for such a lot of things
That never will come true —
Sara Teasdale poet by Sara Teasdale
on 4/6/2010
Witch Doctor
He dines alone surrounded by reflections
Robert Hayden poet by Robert Hayden
on 4/6/2010
Wishing -- Or Fate And I
Wise men tell me thou, O Fate,
Art invincible and great.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
on 4/2/2010
With A Guitar, To Jane
Ariel to Miranda:-- Take
This slave of music, for the sake
Percy Bysshe Shelley poet by Percy Bysshe Shelley
on 4/1/2010
Witches Chant (from Macbeth)
Round about the couldron go:
In the poisones entrails throw.
William Shakespeare poet by William Shakespeare
on 3/29/2010
With a Copy of Shakespeare's Sonnets on Leaving College
As one of some fat tillage dispossessed,
Weighing the yield of these four faded years,
Alan Seeger poet by Alan Seeger
on 1/1/2004
With A Golden Necklace
THIS page a chain to bring thee burns,
That, train'd to suppleness of old,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poet by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
on 1/1/2004
Witchcraft By A Picture
I fix mine eye on thine, and there
Pity my picture burning in thine eye;
John Donne poet by John Donne
on 1/13/2003
She is neither pink nor pale,
And she never will be all mine;
Edna St. Vincent Millay poet by Edna St. Vincent Millay
on 1/13/2003
Wishes To His (Supposed) Mistress
Whoe'er she be,
That not impossible she
Richard Crashaw poet by Richard Crashaw
on 1/13/2003
Oh how I'd be gay and glad
If a little house I had,
Robert William Service poet by Robert William Service
on 1/13/2003
The first purple wisteria
I recall from boyhood hung
Philip Levine poet by Philip Levine
on 1/13/2003
wishes for sons
i wish them cramps.
i wish them a strange town
Lucille Clifton poet by Lucille Clifton
on 1/3/2003
With a Bouquet of Twelve Roses
I saw Lord Buddha towering by my gate
Saying: "Once more, good youth, I stand and wait."
Vachel Lindsay poet by Vachel Lindsay
on 1/3/2003
With a Book
Words shouting, singing, smiling, frowning--
Sense lacking.
Ambrose Bierce poet by Ambrose Bierce
on 5/9/2001
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