Treasure Island

Classical Poems

Title Poet
When the Assault Was Intended to the City
Captain, or colonel, or knight in arms,
Whose chance on these defenceless doors may seize,
John Milton poet by John Milton
on 1/3/2003
When the Astronomer stops seeking
When the Astronomer stops seeking
Emily Dickinson poet by Emily Dickinson
on 1/13/2003
When the Bear Comes Back Again
Oh, the scene is wide an’ dreary an’ the sun is settin’ red,
An’ the grey-black sky of winter’s comin’ closer overhead.
Henry Lawson poet by Henry Lawson
on 3/27/2010
When The Bell Blew Up
‘THAT’S the boiler at The Bell, mates! Tumble out, Ned, neck and crop—
Never mind your hat and coat, man, we’ll be wanted on the job.
Edward George Dyson poet by Edward George Dyson
on 4/13/2010
When the Boys Come Home
There's a happy time coming,
When the boys come home.
John Hay poet by John Hay
on 1/4/2003
When the Bush Begins to Speak
They know us not in England yet, their pens are overbold;
We're seen in fancy pictures that are fifty years too old.
Henry Lawson poet by Henry Lawson
on 3/27/2010
When the Children Come Home
On a lonely selection far out in the West
An old woman works all the day without rest,
Henry Lawson poet by Henry Lawson
on 1/1/2004
When The Cows Come Home The Milk Is Coming
When the cows come home the milk is coming,
Honey's made while the bees are humming;
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet by Christina Georgina Rossetti
on 4/1/2010
When The Dark Comes
When the dark comes,
'Is this the end?' I pray;
Dora Sigerson Shorter poet by Dora Sigerson Shorter
on 9/29/2010
When the Dark Comes Down
When the dark comes down, oh, the wind is on the sea
With lisping laugh and whimper to the red reef's threnody,
Lucy Maud Montgomery poet by Lucy Maud Montgomery
on 1/3/2003
When The Day Came
When the Day came -
The Day I had lived and died for -
Kabir poet by Kabir
on 5/2/2012
When The Dressmaker Comes
WHEN the dressmaker comes I am told to clear out,
For they don't want me anywhere hanging about;
Edgar Albert Guest poet by Edgar Albert Guest
on 8/27/2014
When The Drums Shall Cease To Beat
When will the laughter ring again in the way that it used to do?
Not till the soldiers come home again, not till the war is through.
Edgar Albert Guest poet by Edgar Albert Guest
on 7/12/2014
When The Duke of Clarence Died
Let us sing in tear-choked numbers how the Duke of Clarence went,
Just to make a royal sorrow rather more pre-eminent.
Henry Lawson poet by Henry Lawson
on 3/27/2010
When The Dusk Comes Down
Do you know what I will love best of all
To do when I'm old? At the close of day
Jean Blewett poet by Jean Blewett
on 5/8/2012
When the Evening Star Went Down
The morning was fearful at sea--
The voyagers weary and pale;
Henry Clay Work poet by Henry Clay Work
on 1/3/2003
When the firmament quivers with daylight's young beam
When the firmament quivers with daylight's young beam,
And the woodlands awaking burst into a hymn,
William Cullen Bryant poet by William Cullen Bryant
on 4/5/2010
When the Fishing Boats Go Out
When the lucent skies of morning flush with dawning rose once more,
And waves of golden glory break adown the sunrise shore,
Lucy Maud Montgomery poet by Lucy Maud Montgomery
on 1/3/2003
When The Fox Dies, His Skin Counts
WE young people in the shade
Sat one sultry day;
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poet by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
on 1/1/2004
When the French Band Plays
THERE'S a military band that plays, on Sunday afternoons,
In a certain nameless city's quaint old square.
Anonymous Americas poet by Anonymous Americas
on 4/6/2010
When The Frost Is On The Punkin
When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder's in the shock
And you hear the kyouck and gobble of the struttin' turkey cock
James Whitcomb Riley poet by James Whitcomb Riley
on 12/31/2002
When The Gloom Is On The Glen
When the moonlight's on the mountain
And the gloom is on the glen,
William Makepeace Thackeray poet by William Makepeace Thackeray
on 4/7/2010
When the God Drank Milk
This was the second time
He spanned the world
Meena Kandasamy poet by Meena Kandasamy
on 6/20/2012
When The Grain Is Golden and The Wind Is Chilly Then it is..
Leron-leron sinta, umakyat sa papaya
Dala-dala’y buslo’, sisidlan ng bunga
Nick Carbo poet by Nick Carbo
on 1/1/2004
When The Great Gray Ships Come In
To eastward ringing, to westward winging, o'er mapless miles of sea,
On winds and tides the gospel rides that the furthermost isles are free;
Guy Wetmore Carryl poet by Guy Wetmore Carryl
on 9/7/2010
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