Classical Poems

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Felicia Dorothea Hemans poet War And Peace—a Poem by Felicia Dorothea Hemans
THOU, bright Futurity! whose prospect beams,
In dawning radiance on our day-light dreams;
5.76 0
Anton Wildgans poet War Ein Kind, Als Ich Die Mutter Verlor by Anton Wildgans
0.00 0
Jessie Pope poet War Girls by Jessie Pope
'There's the girl who clips your ticket for the train,
And the girl who speeds the lift from floor to floor,
7.00 0
August Stramm poet War Grave by August Stramm
Staffs flehen cross arms
Writing zagt pale unknown
4.83 0
William Henry Ogilvie poet War Heel! by William Henry Ogilvie
Thrusters are steadying; hounds at a loss,
Checked at the stile leading into the lane,
5.50 0
Sayeed Abubakar poet War Is Life by Sayeed Abubakar Gold Star - 6,854 Points
I can go to war with those this very day
who are against hunger,
6.25 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet War Mothers by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
There is something in the sound of drum and fife
That stirs all the savage instincts into life.
0.00 0
Christopher Logue poet War Music [down On Your Knees, Achilles] by Christopher Logue
An account of books 16-19 of the Iliad by Homer.
Down on your knees, Achilles. Farther down.
5.81 0
Allen Ginsberg poet War Profit Litany by Allen Ginsberg
To Ezra Pound
These are the names of the companies that have made
7.00 0
Katharine Lee Bates poet War Profits by Katharine Lee Bates
THE horns of the moon are tipped
With pearl. Her lover, wooed
5.64 0
Charles Mackay poet War Song by Charles Mackay
I saw a stain on the last year's snow,
Brothers! a stain of blood!
5.28 0
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis poet War Song by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Sing a song o' Hempire
Mother's took a fit,
0.00 0
John Davidson poet War Song by John Davidson
In anguish we uplift
A new unhallowed song:
5.12 2
Thomas Moore poet War Song by Thomas Moore
Remember the Glories of Brien the Brave
Remember the glories of Brien the brave,
5.96 0
Peter Bakowski poet War Zone by Peter Bakowski
Here are the key words in this diminished world—
0.00 0
Leon Gellert poet War! by Leon Gellert
When my poor body died,-Alas!
I watched it topple down a hill
6.05 0
Henry Lawson poet Waratah And Wattle by Henry Lawson
Though poor and in trouble I wander alone,
With rebel cockade in my hat,
5.73 0
Walt Whitman poet Warble Of Lilac-Time by Walt Whitman

WARBLE me now, for joy of Lilac-time,
6.00 1
Nina Murdoch poet Warbrides by Nina Murdoch
There has been wrong done since the world began.
That young men should go out and die in war,
4.94 0
Alfred Austin poet Wardens Of The Wave by Alfred Austin
Not to exult in braggart vein
Over a gallant foe,
5.43 0
William Lisle Bowles poet Wardour Castle by William Lisle Bowles
If rich designs of sumptuous art may please,
Or Nature's loftier views, august and old,
5.14 0
Jessie Pope poet Ware Wire! by Jessie Pope
WHEN the beagles are running like steam,
When the plough is as sticky as glue,
6.00 0
John Kinsella poet Warhol At Wheatlands by John Kinsella
He’s polite looking over the polaroids
saying gee & fantastic, though always
0.00 0
Robert Browning poet Waring by Robert Browning
Mr. Alfred Domett, C.M.G., author of
Ranolf and Amohia, ``full of descriptions of
5.57 0
Mark Twain poet Warm Summer Sun by Mark Twain
Warm summer sun,
Shine kindly here,
6.81 8
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