Classical Poems

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Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre .. poet Warnung Im Traume by Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre ..
0.00 0
Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre .. poet Warnung Und Wunsch by Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Stre ..
0.00 0
Robert Browning poet Waring by Robert Browning
Mr. Alfred Domett, C.M.G., author of
Ranolf and Amohia, ``full of descriptions of
5.57 0
Mark Twain poet Warm Summer Sun by Mark Twain
Warm summer sun,
Shine kindly here,
6.85 7
Henry Van Dyke poet War-Music by Henry Van Dyke
Break off! Dance no more!
Danger is at the door.
5.26 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Warned by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
They stood at the garden gate.
By the lifting of a lid
4.70 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Warning by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
High in the heavens I saw the moon this morning,
Albeit the sun shone bright;
4.47 0
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poet Warning by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;
Go, and complete thou the task, that to the day is assign'd!
5.38 0
Shel Silverstein poet Warning by Shel Silverstein
Inside everybody's nose
There lives a shar-toothed snail.
5.35 0
Langston Hughes poet Warning by Langston Hughes
Sweet and docile,
7.67 0
Frederick William (FW) Harvey poet Warning by Frederick William (FW) Harvey
A man there was, a gentle soul,
Of mild enquiring mind,
5.50 0
George William Russell poet Warning by George William Russell
PURE at heart we wander now:
Comrade on the quest divine,
5.50 0
Jenny Joseph poet Warning by Jenny Joseph
When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
8.38 109
Sydney Thompson Dobell poet Warning by Sydney Thompson Dobell
Virtue is Virtue, writ in ink or blood.
And Duty, Honour, Valour, are the same
4.67 0
Emily Jane Brontë poet Warning And Reply by Emily Jane Brontë
In the earth—the earth—thou shalt be laid,
A grey stone standing over thee;
5.50 0
Euripides poet Warning From The Evil Fortune Of Medea by Euripides
When fierce conflicting passions urge
The breast where love is wont to glow,
0.00 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet Warning The Carpenter by Edgar Albert Guest
SAY, Mister Carpenter, you know, you got me spanked last night,
I guess your Pa and Ma forgot to teach you what was right;
0.00 0
Robert Graves poet Warning To Children by Robert Graves
Children, if you dare to think
Of the greatness, rareness, muchness
6.56 2
Adelaide Crapsey poet Warning To The Mighty by Adelaide Crapsey
Ere the horne'd owl hoot
Once and twice and thrice there shall
5.50 0
John Henry Newman poet Warnings by John Henry Newman
When Heaven sends sorrow,
Warnings go first,
0.00 0
Nicanor Parra poet Warnings by Nicanor Parra
In case of fire
Do not use elevators
5.64 1
Edgar Albert Guest poet Warriors by Edgar Albert Guest
We all are warriors with sin. Crusading knights,
we come to earth
0.00 0
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis poet Warrnambool by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
A civic lady, peerly proud
Of excellences that here crowd
0.00 0
Carl Sandburg poet Wars by Carl Sandburg
In the old wars drum of hoofs and the beat of shod feet.
In the new wars hum of motors and the tread of rubber tires.
6.50 0
Herbert Asquith poet War's Cataract by Herbert Asquith
In this red havoc of the patient earth,
Though higher yet the tide of battle rise,
0.00 0
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