Classical Poems

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Alison Croggon poet (untitled 2) by Alison Croggon
Whatever drags downward, the heart hampers:
hands softer than dough
0.00 0
Alison Croggon poet (untitled) by Alison Croggon
there bees were perpetual as meadows asleep in a brooding sun
0.00 0
Frederick Kambemba Yamusangie poet ... The Books by Frederick Kambemba Yamusangie
One who runs away from the books,
Runs away from one’s mental liberation…
4.60 0
Makarand Paranjape poet ...And To New Ones by Makarand Paranjape
To have designs on another
Degrades oneself;
5.50 0
Leslie Coulson poet ..But A Short Time To Live by Leslie Coulson
Our little hour,—how swift it flies
When poppies flare and lilies smile;
5.50 0
Kaka Hathrasi poet ?ara Tha Usaka by Kaka Hathrasi
0.00 0
B. R. Dionysius poet [excerpt From The Negativity Bin] by B. R. Dionysius
(i) Lower than the Angels
‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life.’
0.00 0
Edna St. Vincent Millay poet [four Sonnets (1922)] by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Love, though for this you riddle me with darts,
5.23 3
Thomas Hardy poet [greek Title] by Thomas Hardy
Long have I framed weak phantasies of Thee,
   O Willer masked and dumb!
5.28 1
Ezra Pound poet [greek] by Ezra Pound
Be in me as the eternal moods
of the bleak wind, and not
5.52 1
Joanne Kyger poet [he Is Pruning The Privet] by Joanne Kyger
He is pruning the privet
of sickly sorrow desolation
8.00 0
Wilfred Owen poet [i Saw His Round Mouth's Crimson] by Wilfred Owen
[I saw his round mouth's crimson deepen as it fell],
Like a Sun, in his last deep hour;
5.61 2
Emily Jane Brontë poet [long Neglect Has Worn Away] by Emily Jane Brontë
Long neglect has worn away
Half the sweet enchanting smile;
5.50 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of) July by Hilaire Belloc
The Kings come riding back from the Crusade,
The purple Kings and all their mounted men;
5.22 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] April by Hilaire Belloc
The stranger warmth of the young sun obeying,
Look! little beads of green begin to grow,
5.68 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] August by Hilaire Belloc
The soldier month, the bulwark of the year,
That never more shall hear such victories told;
5.54 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] December by Hilaire Belloc
Hoar Time about the house betakes him slow,
Seeking an entry for his weariness.
5.60 1
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] February by Hilaire Belloc
The winter moon has such a quiet car
That all the winter nights are dumb with rest.
5.37 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] January by Hilaire Belloc
It freezes- all across a soundless sky
The birds go home. The governing dark's begun:
5.46 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] June by Hilaire Belloc
Rise up, and do begin the day's adorning;
The Summer dark is but the dawn of day.
5.74 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] March by Hilaire Belloc
The north-cast wind has come from Norroway,
Roaring he came above the white waves' tips!
5.75 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] May by Hilaire Belloc
This is the laughing-eyed amongst them all:
My lady's month. A season of young things.
5.47 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] November by Hilaire Belloc
November is that historied Emperor,
Conquered in age, but foot to foot with fate,
6.14 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] October by Hilaire Belloc
Look, how those steep woods on the mountain's face
Burn, burn against the sunset; now the cold
5.35 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] October by Hilaire Belloc
Look, how those steep woods on the mountain's face
Burn, burn against the sunset; now the cold
5.32 0
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