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The Most Beautiful City London Is The Capital Of England And United Kingdom - Poem by Mazid S Kazi , INDIA

The most beautiful city London is the capital of England and United Kingdom
It is situated in the South Eastern England on the biggest river Thames
Magnificent houses of parliament stood in the heart of the city with freedom
Parliament is made up of the house of common and house of lords and it makes laws,

London is the constituency of the European parliament and it elects 8 MPs
It exists to challenge the work to decide taxes and scrutinising the Govt
It is a rich and scientific city in the world and a queen of the world beauties
Thames is a large river in England and it goes through London and it is 346 kilometers,

It looks so excellent that the visitors spend happy hours on it with family
Big Ben tower above Westminster bridge welcomes to the visitors to enjoy
St.James beauty clinic in central London works for the treatments of beauty
London queen hair dresser and beauty Salons city of London are expensive and popular,

The London school of beauty provides training of make up artistry courses
LCBT is world famous college to run private courses in central city of London
Many topmost Govt. departments are located very close to parliament houses
New Wembley Stadium of London is the largest Soccer Stadium in the world,

Central hall westminster is the largest Central London conference in the world
Georgian House Hotel in Central London is near all major London attractions
Architecture building is the symbol of London having a great hold
Park Plaza Hotel, Savoy Hotel, Luxury and Grand Hotels are top in London,

Visitors come from all the corners of the world to reside in these hotels
Old See Saw, Brian Jackson, Bare and BFI films are famous in London
People go through films and video films and art films with great happiness
Jashua Hill, Harrington Hill, Tower Hill, Notting Hill, Saffron Hill and Muswell Hill,

Thames river, River Lee and other rivers and hills are the gifts of London city
God has blessed to London City providing all the necessary needs of people
Citizens are lucky born to live in this city to see natural beauty
Big Ben British museum and Bucking Ham palace are graces of city,

Tourists of the world visit to London to see delightful and interesting sights
Churches Mosques and Temples always look at the sky God to talk and greet Him
God is happy to see the devotional places decorated at night by colorful lights
Churches Mosques and Temples of London city are the most beautiful in the world,

At night in lights London looks like a beautiful and fairly dressed bride
London trovit properties are let for rent and for sale at the best prices
Supreme Court is final for civil or criminal cases in UK on the right side
London is a cool city to live and it is an amazing place to live in its nature,

As a Kingdom of England London has powerful Air force Navy and military forces
By nature London city is the great honor of England in respect of united kingdom,
There are many universities in London among them are 10 top universities
Oxford and Cambridge universities are European in the 10 top universities,

Queen Marry university, University of London, London University Guide, City London University
University of western Ontario and London’s global university are top most in the world
World renowned zoology scientific research society is well-set in the London city
Cancer research UK, Mad Science London, MRC National Institute for medical research,

Primary resources science London, Bio-Medical science London, science leaning centre
Imperial college of science technology and medicine and kings neuroscience institute
And research and training London health science institute is St. Joseph’s health care
Medical, Engineering, MBA, LLB and other various colleges are found in the heart of London,

There are 9 London Airports and three of them are actually in London town
5 Major International Airports of London are the greatest Airports in the world
London Oxford Airport, London City Airport, UK Airport and London airport taxi are well known
It is international business center of the world and people come from all the countries of the world,

West Minster bridge is a road and foot traffic bridge over the river Thames
Tourists look at the sights of colorful birds flying on the banks of the river
People and Animals swim in the river and people wash clothes on the banks
Fishermen catch fishes and sell fishes on the banks and in the market place,

The people move on the Westminster bridge by buses, cars, scooters,
cycles and walks
Attractions and sights of London markets, London stations and bridges are beautiful
In London the rich live in one part and rich and poor and average live in other parts
London Govt. is strong and careful to control the public by legally or
by Police Force,

England does not have a President rather a Monarch or a Prime Minister
Sir Robert Walpole was the first Prime Minister of UK and he got his post in 1721
He governed England from 1721 to 1742 and as a Prime Minister he was a well worker
He died in 1745 having been England first and longest serving Prime Minister,

His palace was in London the capital city of England, he lived with his family in London city
David Cameron has been elected as the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
He became Prime Minister on May 2010 and a leader of British Conservaty Party
England has only A Prime Minister collectively in association with the United Kingdom.

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