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In this page, poems on / about “cinderella” are listed.

  • 361.
    Our thing...

    My path tru life was crovered in mist, just like Snowwhite I awaited my prince.
    I was lock way in side my own heart, for just like the queen the world wished to tear me apart.
    Unlike beauty and the beast my stories never seem to end so sweet.
    For like Cinderella locked in her room, I needed my hearts key to now set me free. read more »

    Mindy Crummie
  • 362.
    The alternate ending

    What if belle fell for gaston and care not for the beast?
    or the princess and the frog never kissed?
    will cinderella still be recognized by her prince?
    if in the palace ball, she's not in. read more »

    Kriztan Rei Palces
  • 363.
    Just You

    there're a few light clouds floating above the sky,
    there're a few light breeze blowing on the ground,
    oh, who told me not to miss you? read more »

    gina guo
  • 364.

    My sandal broke.
    I tried so hard
    To make it work
    But it just won’t fit. read more »

    Danette Frenz
  • 365.
    this is not a tale of love

    time marks me
    i am
    11: 40
    nearing midnight read more »

  • 366.
    Cinderella Syndrome

    To explain hysteria and discontent within a female, I point to the fables.
    Filled with magical ways to become instantly loved, solid, safe and able.
    What shite have we told, what poppycock sold,
    Flipping the pages of fairy tales, countless times told. read more »

    Princess LilyPad
  • 367.
    Esoteric: Astrogenetic Family, Fear Myself, Atilla

    Loving my Astrogenetic Family
    My gypsy brother is Aries
    the word ‘consideration’ is unknown to him, read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 368.

    The lamp that stands beside the crib
    Is not yet lighted to warm the gloom
    Of the blueish, opaque light falling read more »

    Jose Asuncion Silva
  • 369.

    MY heart yearns for a blissful dance;
    Like of those of the Cinderella on the corridors of love-
    Smiling to the light of ecstasy. read more »

    Okoronkwo Jonathan Jackson
  • 370.

    Can a cat catch cold? Certain cats certainly can. Clumsy cats can. Can a cow chew their cud? Cows can certainly chew the cud. Can a cowardly crow caw? A cat can’t cow or cackle like a chicken or cock. Cowardly crows can caw but not cluck like a chicken can. A cheetah is a cunning cat and certainly can catch cold, a crow, cunning cats and certain canines. Call a cat and the cat comes. The cat circles, curls and canoodles. Cheetahs can’t canoodle.

    As the cock crowed, a cunning cat climbed into a cave, crawled, circled and calmly curled in a close-knit clump. read more »

    Ben Gieske
  • 371.

    You say he broke your heart and you can’t go on?
    You cry all day and night until you think you’re going to drown?
    Well, stop your sniffling sister,
    It’s no ones fault but yours. read more »

    Candy Kelly
  • 372.
    Perhaps Chopsticks

    What is it then that binds us to the mob,
    and asks so much of our most precious inner lust?
    Will they relent in their demanding heartbreak throb
    or would plain sanity whip up a healing gust read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
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