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In this page, poems on / about “cinderella” are listed.

  • 349.
    Little Ms. Perfect

    In College, looks best, bought a good dress,
    Flawless footsteps, Cinderella, from 1 to 10 a 10 forever
    Wanted friends but then the weather came, special waves of;
    Zephyrs, rain, pleasure-pain, she's a hurricane never named read more »

    Brandon Ezzard
  • 350.
    Searching for my soul?

    As I was getting old
    I cherished a friendship gold
    For that gave me life
    As my dear man's wife read more »

    Umasree Raghunath
  • 351.
    It's Only Because of You

    I'm a canary trapped in my cage.
    I'm the words not on a page.
    I'm a leafless tree in the fall.
    I'm Cinderella left at the ball. read more »

    Edwina Reizer
  • 352.
    Wild Desire For Life (Revised)

    Silver crystal sandals, for final effect add in silver
    shine magic pedicure, being Cinderella at the office
    Grande Ball with best legal text quoting six different
    Acts, enjoying challenges, French Level III pronouns read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 353.
    Lost Ambition

    I am an artist doing wall paint
    i am a cat barking like a dog
    i am a writer doing engineering
    its not the place where i belongs read more »

    Sarmad ALI
  • 354.
    Sim Sala Bim- You Did The Real Magic


    Abracadabra- be tiara on my hand
    Of love flora-the floral- Roses read more »

    Herojit Philem
  • 355.
    Reading into it

    Aladdin had a genie.
    Cinderella had a fairy.
    When Beast became a prince
    Then he could be with Beauty. read more »

    Mariam de Haan
  • 356.
    A drean Ain't Come True

    I pray,
    I'm guide in your way.
    I wish,
    Ain't me diminish. read more »

    Dona Jean
  • 357.
    A Real Fairytale

    You, my sweetheart, lay pristinely
    with the most dazzling sparkle
    in those pearly gates of yours
    that glow brightly; yet not from the shine read more »

    Nicholas Nikolov
  • 358.
    Losing Track Of The Heart (REVISED)

    Sopranos and tenors singing ‘Together Forever' as
    love everlasting made me realise - only love based
    on friendship and mutual respect lasts - the short-
    lived excitement of romance with its mystery to be read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 359.
    Like The Count of Monte Christo

    Black fatigue, pains and aches to the delight of
    every spiritual healer who claims every disease
    is psychosomatic in origin, obviously my anger
    at the miscreant who hurt a very dear person - read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 360.

    Mimetic are you? Nay or yea?
    Mollycoddle to me?
    I wonder it.
    Wooing is my intention. read more »

    Abdullahi Suleiman Bello
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