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  • 337.
    Soul Doubt

    Going around in circles,
    beneath my eyes are bluish black,
    there's nothing new,
    no one I wanna talk to.

    Nothing I wanna think about,
    I got soul doubt.

    I stick my head out the window,
    it's closed.

    Instead of air, I get glass stuck to my head.
    The city's sounding
    And I can't seem to stop the pounding.

    Can't keep my thoughts from flying around.
    Not sure what I'm thinking about.
    I got soul doubt.

    A shameless display,
    wearing a smile full of pain.

    A frameless Erte,
    a painting without a signiture.

    She's waiting for someone to save her.
    As I pass her I see Cinderella.
    She doesn't fit the slipper.
    Like she fits a bottle of liquor.

    There's no one to take her way.
    Her eyes meet mine, she sees right through me.

    The question is asked, what you gonna do for me?
    I don't want nothin, just a connection.
    I gotta know what she's all about cuz I know she's been there.

    Soul doubt.

    I stick my head out the window again,
    this time seeing a thousand faces all too clear.
    They wear the same expression I've seen in my face.

    So many times, I know exactly how they feel.
    I know exactly what they think about.

    They've got soul doubt. read more »

  • 338.
    She, He, It

    She switches the tv on
    while she's drinking coffee
    and the first thing she sees
    is that red, white, and blue read more »

  • 339.

    I wish you were here with me.

    I want somebody to hold me. read more »

  • 340.
    1st love

    Never thought I would fall in love
    I’m the kind of girl who never gets it right
    who can't find her way
    Who hopes eventually she'll be okay. read more »

  • 341.
    My Snow White

    There once was a girl and if I remember right,
    She went by the name of Snow White,
    Skin white as the snow, hair black as the night,
    She lived with seven men of very short height. read more »

  • 342.
    The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

    Closed eyes,
    Quiet thoughts,
    Brought forth
    By a heart's yearning; read more »

  • 343.
    Not Good Enough (Happy Ending)

    Ever tear that falls from my two eyes
    Comes from inside my soul
    Where its black and cold
    Never know when tears will fall read more »

  • 344.
    gangsta whispher wat to do


    DEAR NBK MESSAGE read more »

  • 345.
    Another sunny day

    The lord has been so good to me
    Why couldn't I see it before?
    He was working in his own way
    He was opening more doors read more »

  • 346.

    Life is,
    Something so perplexing,
    Something that no one can truly understand,
    Something that you can hate, read more »

  • 347.
    An Opportune Moment

    You’ve liked her for ages and ages
    You’ve wrote pages upon pages,
    Of love poetry in the dormentry,
    For she is the fairest of them all, read more »

  • 348.
    Excuse Us Please!

    Excuse Us Please!
    Extended is an apology from a little fluffy heap
    To ever voracious and stinking greedy sheep
    To ever leaking sapful horses which love to peep read more »

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