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In this page, poems on / about “cinderella” are listed.

  • 229.
    Love Without End - Written With Unwritten Soul

    Creator awaken in me
    childhood companion of lost memory
    once again take control of my mind
    carry my fatigue fallen body to the end read more »

    Gregory Allen Uhan
  • 230.
    oop Narcissus

    Silent aspen grove,
    autumn light and pool,
    drfting clouds
    and glassy mirror, read more »

    John Rickell
  • 231.
    Spirit of dance**

    Dancing top and bottom of the world
    Lucky few who touch your skirt!
    I dream of your seductive powers
    Hypnotize hearts of mesmerized eyes read more »

    Leaking Pen
  • 232.
    Love Story

    Ill love you as much as Lancelot loved Guinevere
    As much as Peter loved Wendy
    And I would give you the moon and the stars if I had the chance
    Because I love you read more »

    Marie annette
  • 233.

    Love, when it grows, develops wings...
    It flies and takes your heart along;
    if you hold on fast, it 'd take you to great heights nd beautiful places
    But if u don't, tears would make your hands so slippery you can't hang on even for a while read more »

    Platini Sagoe
  • 234.

    read more »

  • 235.
    Willie F. Mays

    Throwing rocks at niggers with the finesse of a Willie F. Mays
    Greasing my hair down like Erik Estrada for a couple three days
    Sticking it to the man who once sported flaxen-colored locks
    Throwing up my last Taco Bell mess onto fat Larry F. Wilcox read more »

    Richard Thripp
  • 236.
    An hour after midnight

    Dressed to kill
    but no where to go.
    A fairytale disaster
    put on a show. read more »

    leanna markgraf
  • 237.
    Life Without You: #DaarLelo

    ?Life would be hell
    Without you
    But let me try tell
    How life could be without you read more »

    Bandile Matsenjwa
  • 238.
    The Banquet

    Her perfectly penciled lipstick matches the
    color of the single flower center piece
    that sits upon the
    starched white linen tablecloth read more »

    Sara Fielder
  • 239.
    Eternal Love

    Love,4 letters and 1 word
    What it is? we may never know...
    But love is eternal and fills with happiness.
    I love you but.. read more »

    Abby Christeen Whaley
  • 240.
    Cinderella's Nights

    Its not so shiny tonight
    the buds too lazy to bloom
    in my bed, i struggle to write
    with ink as dark as gloom read more »

    Jaya Varma
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