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All I Want For Christmas - Poem by Kathryn Tyler King

All I want for Christmas is the laughter of my friends,
my sons with their wives and girlfriends in one accord.
I want so much for their spiritual life that has no end,
to see the peace of God and making Jesus their Lord.

All I want for Christmas is not my two front teeth
but to not be bothered by foolish men who try to steal
into my heart or make promises that they can’t keep.
I won’t give myself away for any money or any deal.

All I want for Christmas is to live in health and peace.
I want only to live for Jesus and be lead by Him alone.
Don’t give me false illusions or lies that may increase.
I only want what God wants. What His life has atoned.

All I want for Christmas is to see more clearly daily
and to study God’s Word that I stay in His great light.
Christmas isn’t about me but Jesus who won’t fail me
For His Spirit gives wisdom and makes my life right.

All I want for Christmas is to not be taken for granted.
I am a widow and many say they’d want me for a wife
but how can that be? They must be liars and enchanted.
But this Christmas I want nothing but a solitary life.

All I want for Christmas is to have my sons around me
so I can hear their voices, see their faces and get a hug.
I love this time of year when we stop fighting and agree
that only God’s love prevail and give our heart a tug.

I don’t want frills. I don’t want chills. I only want this.
To bring some cheer into the hearts of all those around.
I want Christmas to mean more than just tinsel bliss.
I want my heart open to Him letting His Spirit abound.

That’s what I want for Christmas! !

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