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Poems About: CHRISTMAS

In this page, poems on / about “christmas” are listed.

  • 265.
    My Christmas Tree Is Ewe

    My Christmas Tree Is Ewe
    My Christmas Tree Is Ewe

    Monkey flies and lies disgrace the human race and television has infected all the children and the places that they go. What I want for Christmas fare is just ewe and a place underneath the mistletoe. My Christmas tree is thee. Humble and retained in innocence and restfulness. read more »

    Parme Hice
  • 266.
    Christmas 2007

    Christmas, full of joy, happiness, and love;
    Surrounded by families, friends, and loved ones;
    Yet, this christmas is far too lonely. read more »

    Petra Soliman
  • 267.
    The Thing That's Wrong With Christmas

    The thing that's wrong with Christmas is
    It's based on get not give.
    And most who give but do not get
    React with expletives. read more »

    Lone Dog
  • 268.
    This Christmas

    the season isn't right
    Christmas just isn't the same
    this year is different
    how am I to be happy read more »

    Sierra Morrow
  • 269.
    Don't Have A Happy Holiday

    We won’t wish you Seasons Greetings
    or a Happy Holiday.
    We won’t write Merry Xmas
    because the “X” takes Christ away. read more »

    Ron Tranmer
  • 270.
    Christmas and You

    Christmas is such a wonderful time
    To be shared by one and all
    With the beautiful lights all aglow,
    And a backdrop of beautiful snow read more »

    Michael Vestal
  • 271.
    Good times, bad times & my cactus Christmas tree

    My first Christmas tree, thirty years ago
    Upon my arrival in Las Vegas
    Shall always be remembered so,
    As one of my greatest read more »

    David Whalen
  • 272.
    For all we have

    FOR CHRISTMAS IS NEAR read more »

    gina hood
  • 273.
    Something About Christmas

    There is something about Christmas,
    In Santa Claus and twinkling trees,
    In the joy and laughter of every child,
    People kneeling in prayer on arthritic knees. read more »

    Joseph T. Renaldi
  • 274.
    It’s Christmas and I Am So Very Happy

    I am so happy, oh yes I am so happy,
    And I don’t care what anybody else says.
    I put a little Christmas tree on my shelf today,
    I decorated it with bright shining lights, read more »

    Monica Engeler
  • 275.
    When Christmas Comes

    For thee, my small one--trinkets and new toys,
    The wine of life and all its keenest joys,
    When Christmas comes. read more »

    Virna Sheard
  • 276.
    A Christmas Song

    The children know where the cold wind blows and it snows
    They write letters to a man, the North pole
    In hopes a glimpse, to see him in his flight
    Riding his sleigh, dressed in red, trimmed in white read more »

    Bill Simmons
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