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  • 265.
    Christmas without you

    Baby you know its true
    Christmas just ain't Christmas without you
    I don't care about gifts or anything new
    Cause Christmas just ain't Christmas without you
    its just not Christmas without you...

    Christmas day is near
    I still wish you were here
    I've been walking around
    all over this town
    the darkness of theses nights
    are scared away with Christmas lights
    that remind me of when I was a little boy
    and all I wanted was that special toy
    now its about my family and its joy
    with nights colder than Atlanta
    We got milk and cookies for Santa
    you can even hear the carolers sing
    sounds perfect but missing one thing

    And baby You know its true
    Christmas just ain't Christmas without you
    I don't care about gifts or anything new
    Cause Christmas just ain't Christmas without you
    its just not Christmas without you...

    we've got six inches of snow
    and people kissing under the mistletoe
    nights that feel so slow
    and the days so long
    everything's right but so wrong
    kids in bed earlier than all year
    waiting for Santa and his reindeer
    Kids hoping this year they get all the right things
    they run downstairs as soon as the alarm rings
    the gifts are under the tree
    but I still want you next to me

    And baby You know its true
    Christmas just ain't Christmas without you
    I don't care about gifts or anything new
    Cause Christmas just ain't Christmas without you
    its just not Christmas without you... read more »

  • 266.
    Merry Christmas Dad

    Merry Christmas Dad

    I will miss you dad at Christmas time
    In my own special way read more »

  • 267.
    Christmas Time

    when you see sparkling lights
    of green, red, gold and white
    you will know its Christmas time
    and hear the Christmas bells chime, read more »

  • 268.
    Christmas Lights

    Christmas Lights
    Shiny and Bright
    You decorate Christmas Trees,
    You decorate houses. read more »

  • 269.
    A Christmas To Cherish And To Remember Always.

    Christmas is the time to celebrate
    precious memories with loved
    Family and friends sit in front of read more »

  • 270.
    Misunderstanding of Christmas.

    read more »

  • 271.
    A Christmas Sonnet

    What a magical time is christmas time
    Yet sweeter still in the days of our youth,
    What a magical time is christmas time
    Ere we taste the bittersweet morsel, truth. read more »

  • 272.
    Christmas Without You

    My first Christmas without you
    I feel so empty, lonely and blue
    I know it wasn’t the same as
    In previous years read more »

  • 273.
    This Christmas

    the season isn't right
    Christmas just isn't the same
    this year is different
    how am I to be happy read more »

  • 274.
    Dear Santa

    dear Santa, will you look over my Christmas list carefully
    there is just one thing i'm looking for
    All I want for Christmas is someone to call my baby read more »

  • 275.
    A Merry Christmas

    All the lights are shining,
    The stars are brightly glowing,
    The Christmas carols are in perfect harmony
    With songs of a brilliant melody. read more »

  • 276.
    Christmas Joy

    Snow falling, the fire going
    The family heading home, will soon be here
    The house so empty, will be full again
    The decorations are all up, the tree so beautiful read more »

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