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Song: Christmas Eve In Tel Aviv - Poem by Dave SmithWhite

It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv;
But I remain anon.
I gnash my teeth a trifle peeved,
With all my dreams long gone.

It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv;
And I must be made of stone.
It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv;
I tweet my angst and moan.

I can't go on when I'm not believed.
I've heard your spin and the lies you weave.
You told your friends you were deceived.
You do me wrong when you up and leave!

It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv;
Where all my doves have flown.
An honest man in a den of thieves,
Perceives he must atone.

Was I but Adam to your svelte Eve,
In a nod to myths beyond.
Could I but fathom the depths we cleaved,
When all the stars still shone.

Your greedy tongue sucks the air I breathe,
By word and song I fairly seethe.
I hang my head 'cause I'm sorely grieved.
You do me wrong when you up and leave!

It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv;
How did it all turn bad?
There's no reprieve in Tel Aviv,
When all the world is mad.

It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv;
And my passions are dethroned.
It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv,
And now you're on the phone.

I wipe the tears on my dripping sleeve,
When you trash our life - all we've achieved.
Why you twist that knife can't be conceived.
You do me wrong when you up and leave!

So I've received in Tel Aviv,
By message lens and cone.
And I'm relieved in Tel Aviv,
When you throw me a bone!

Did you really think I was that naive?
For all the contempt you've shown.
It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv,
And you call in your loan.

It's Christmas Eve in Tel Aviv,
And I am here, alone.
A love that's lost can't be retrieved,
And the rest is an unknown!

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