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  • 325.

    unwraps her
    Kit Kat bar
    and breaks off
    a finger
    and eats it

    I watch her
    like some pup
    hoping she
    will break off
    a finger‭
    for Benny

    it's morning
    the sun bright
    coming through
    the narrow gap
    between flats

    she bites off
    more finger
    her small teeth
    less white now

    want a bit‭?
    she asks me
    half finger

    that'd be nice
    I reply

    I take it
    and mouth it
    and eat it
    of biscuit
    and sweetness

    she eats more
    as we walk
    through the Square

    my sister's
    informs me

    you stole it‭?

    borrowed it
    I'll buy one
    just for her
    when I can

    does she know‭?
    I ask her

    not just yet
    but I will
    I promise

    she gives me
    a finger
    of chocolate
    I'm paid off

    now she eats
    the last piece
    screwing up
    the paper
    she puts it
    in the small
    dress pocket

    it's all gone
    we the two
    of the crime
    lick our lips
    and walk on

    it was nice
    the feeling
    the warm taste
    crisp biscuit

    won't she know‭?
    I ask her

    not just yet
    too busy
    in our bed
    she tells me
    with the Spiv
    smart boyfriend

    we walk down
    the wide slope
    from the Square
    gazing up
    Meadow Row
    where the Sun
    smiles at us read more »

  • 326.

    It's halloween time,
    I feel like drinking a juice of lime.
    People I'll trick,
    Chocolates I'll lick. read more »

  • 327.
    Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe

    Chocolates, gum drops; Licorice sticks
    Upon the top shelf away; from the kids
    Bubble gum near the; cash desk
    Its the colours invite you; so picturesque read more »

  • 328.

    Fillen the wallet en wagon
    Both empty when return
    As a hunter with treasure
    Left non but plenty of chocolate read more »

  • 329.
    0103.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 101

    The Ultimate Fruit of all these slogans

    (Dear Readers read more »

  • 330.

    Snowflakes the size of marshmallows fall to the earth;
    Frosty icy winds play havoc with her red curly hair.
    She delights in frolicking in snow so deep; read more »

  • 331.
    Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate
    I saw you today
    riding sweet,
    in a red chevrolet. read more »

  • 332.
    Wrong Century

    I believe I was born in the wrong century
    Cause I want to woo you with
    Poems, flowers, chocolates and treats, none tainted
    Like a lake with mercury read more »

  • 333.

    I sent some chocolates to my true love,
    And some flowers went along as well.
    She said chocolates really excite her,
    But passion blooms from the roses smell! read more »

  • 334.

    read more »

  • 335.
    Love: Don't Heartbreak Me

    Where roses and chocolates
    enrich a cold Valentine's Day
    where love is as sweet as the name itself read more »

  • 336.
    Demand Of Sir Asım!

    One night I flew to sky,
    I met with stars and moon so high,
    They asked, ”can you please give us your teacher? ”
    He has all cute, heavenly features, read more »

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