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Poems About: CHOCOLATE

In this page, poems on / about “chocolate” are listed.

  • 229.
    My Chocolate

    Do you about my chocolate?
    Her kisses sweet like Hershey,
    Rolling through me like thunder
    Every touch so tender, read more »

    Tribhuvan Mendiratta
  • 230.
    How Do You Fix A Broken Heart?

    How Do You Fix A Broken Heart?
    Yum Cha
    Longan read more »

    Tina Chan
  • 231.
    Chocolate Eyes

    Chocolate eyes, from a forest,
    Asking you to play guitar
    To vibe some jazz read more »

    Sofia Darling
  • 232.

    Like chocolate candy I do eat

    you are an Easter bunny, chocolate treat. read more »

    Suzae Chevalier
  • 233.
    Sweet, Sweet Moon of Earthly Heaven

    Oh, moon, moon in the nightly sky
    how beautiful you are in the nightly sky
    your charming glow of light lighting up the heavens
    romantizing the stars twinkling in the nightly sky of twilight read more »

    Brett Strotman
  • 234.
    [03] Chocolate Afternoon

    That was our moment— your hair on my face
    Falling gently as dream— now it is the yesterday

    No sun there into room— only a breezy cool framework
    Backed our assorted brain— that always I recapitulate read more »

    Ashraful Musaddeq
  • 235.
    Globalized Chocolates!

    Extracted from the seeds of tropical climate,
    Unearthed the remnants of sweet beverage,
    The drink of Natives for many thousand years,
    Imported to the Europe as cocoa seeds and solids, read more »

    veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  • 236.

    How sweet this toffee
    Milk sugar mixed
    Mouth filled with water
    Through glasses in the shop read more »

    Suguna Prasad Kalvala
  • 237.
    A Box of Chocolates

    Someone gave me a
    box of chocolates
    for Christmas
    I thought it was read more »

    Eloida Capuno
  • 238.
    Chocolate muffin

    I love you
    you taste so good
    just like a chocolate chip cookie
    with a glass of milk read more »

    bruce butler
  • 239.
    Sitting In Paradise[REVISED]

    Back from shops equipped with chocolates,
    frozen water bottle as footrest, festooned
    CPU with silver glitter on white scarves,
    new green box to keep coffee and tea read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 240.
    Coffee With My Mother

    Going for a coffee
    With my dear mother
    A pastime I enjoy read more »

    Andrew Hamm
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