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Today Is A Chocolate-Covered Raisin - Poem by gina prettybrowneyes

Life is a candy shop.

Some days are like licorice- deceitful and foul-tasting:
Like that box of black licorice you bought because it looked like it tasted good and there was a panda on the cover and you like pandas-
But you took one bite and promptly spat it out
The vile, bitter taste residing in your mouth until dinnertime.

Some days are like forbidden sweets- clandestine and therefore
more exciting:
The one stolen jelly bean, the yogurt-covered pretzel oh-so-innocently left on the counter.
You shouldn’t because it’s technically wrong but you do
because you can.
Because it makes you feel more alive than ever.

Some days are like devil’s food cake- so rich, so sweet, so delightful:
So good you keep eating and eating until you can’t move and you feel sick inside.
Too much of a good thing (while still better than some of a bad thing)
In the end, hurts as well.

Some days are like French bonbons- exotic and fleeting:
The kind that tastes like heaven and summer time and laughter
and all else good
You’ve never tasted anything like it- but now they’re all out
(they only had three)
They won’t have any until next week
(one week feels like 48 sometimes) .

Some days are like chocolate-covered raisins- bittersweet:
You hate raisins; hate the taste, smell, texture, color-
But you’ll eat them because they’re covered in chocolate
The chocolate slightly makes up for the grainy raisin-
enough to make it eatable
Enough to keep you going in a world of raisins.

Some days are like unsalted peanuts- bland, blanched, and boring:
No roasting, no seasoning, no nothing, just peanuts.
Peanuts to fill in the gaps between the cakes and the cookies,
To make the weeks pass more slowly, to give you the strength
To get up another day.

Some days are like chocolate-flavored jelly beans-
nasty, unforgettable things:
They come in packages of 1,000,000 for economy’s sake
(money’s tight these days you know)
They stick in your teeth and flavor your food and enter your dreams unwelcomed
You eat them because there’s nothing else to eat, because
What’s the use fighting it anyway
And besides,
Your parents like them.

Some days are like golden eggs- meticulously crafted with an exquisite taste:
Twelve different artists spent days sculpting and flavoring these
mouth-watering delights.
You only had one- but you only need one.
One golden egg will quicken your step, brighten your smile, and gladden your heart
(rechargable in 5 years) .

Life’s a corner candy shop-
Run by a wrinkly old man
(or woman- no one’s quite sure about that point)
Who smells like vanilla and loves you like there’s no tomorrow
(because there isn’t. there’s only today.)
You can’t choose what you get everyday
You just trust the old sage in the obscure corner candy shop-
And know in your heart that in the end it all works out.

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