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Poems About: CHOCOLATE

In this page, poems on / about “chocolate” are listed.

  • 109.
    For The Love Of Chocolate Fondue

    No one seems to understand the pleasure
    With every mouthful it gets harder to measure

    Give us chocolate give us fruit read more »

    Gracie lou
  • 110.
    Chocolate Treats

    Do you enjoy chocolate, my friend?
    I know you know what I mean
    Pure and lovely and sweet and thick
    For chocolate is like a dream read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 111.

    Give me a piece of chocolate.
    Let it melt in my mouth so sweet.
    It's my one temptation
    when it comes to something to eat. read more »

    Edwina Reizer
  • 112.
    My Silver Bell

    Just look at that sweet thang
    wearing that tight silver wrap!
    At a table nearby inhaling
    and exhaling smoke rings, read more »

    Almedia Knight Oliver
  • 113.
    A Chocolaty Day

    Chocolate, um.., chocolate, how good,
    makes me think of how sweet you are.
    I'd send you a box. I really should
    since you live not close but too far. read more »

    Kathryn Tyler King
  • 114.
    Scent of cacao beans

    Oh! This heart inside my chest
    That bit faster when I get
    Your presences, I imagine
    You and I on my bed read more »

    Michael Vinicio Camacho Menéndez
  • 115.
    White Chocolate

    White chocolate when i taste it,
    It makes me think of you,
    It's melting upon my tongue gently,
    And remembers me of your sensual lips. read more »

    Cristina Teodor
  • 116.
    Chocolate Misanthropist

    I love my love
    love you my love
    Never loved someone so much before
    I brayed with pride read more »

    Busy Dsa
  • 117.
    Chocolate Box

    I bring you chocolate
    dark and sweet
    and plant its
    kiss read more »

    Lonnie Hicks
  • 118.
    .5. Priceless

    Chopping up walnuts whipping up cream
    Grating fine chocolate that tastes like a dream
    Out from the oven all cakes raised well
    Looking delicious and what a great smell read more »

    David Threadgold
  • 119.

    The biggest topic around today, is to
    watch all the things you eat. If you want
    to remain healthy and slim, stay away
    from anything sweet! Now I know they read more »

    Audrey Heller
  • 120.
    Double Chocolate Chip Mornings

    As the sun comes out above me
    It comes out above you, too
    We are like a split double chocolate chip cookie
    No longer in the right place, read more »

    Maya Hanson (mye3 poet)
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