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Poems About: CHOCOLATE

In this page, poems on / about “chocolate” are listed.
  • 1.

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate chocolate!
    When you take a bite, you will taste its delight,
    chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate chocolate,
    it is so nice, sometimes covered in rice! read more »

    Ross Bateman
  • 2.

    There's milk chocolate,
    There's dark chocolate,
    There's white chocolate,
    There's nutty chocolate. read more »

    Kourtney Silver
  • 3.
    chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, chocolate cup

    chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, chocolate cup
    when im putting in chocolate syrup i put too much
    i wish i had a chocolate pup in a chocolate cup
    in a chocolate world! read more »

    drew bailey golden
  • 4.
    Chocolate Is A Food Group

    I love chocolate.
    So should you.
    Milk chocolate,
    Dark chocolate. read more »

    Rich Reitz
  • 5.
    love is a box of chocolates

    love is a box of chocolates,
    white chocolates,
    milk chocolates,
    dark chocolates, read more »

    keelie morgan
  • 6.
    Chocolate cake

    Chocolate cake, thats my style
    Chocolate cake, good for awhile
    Chocolate cake, it tastes so yummy
    Chocolate cake, chocolate cake read more »

    Dana Georgekish
  • 7.

    Chocolates, Chocolates, Chocolates,
    Milk- chocolate, Mint-chocolate and semi-sweet,
    Yummy dark chocolate is such a treat.
    Chocolate yoghurt, sauce and chips, read more »

    anju addanki
  • 8.
    I Love Chocolate

    I love chocolate, oh yes I do.
    Eating chocolate is a must too.
    I love chocolate, how about you?
    They say dark chocolate is now good for you too. read more »

    Nichole Kaci McKnight
  • 9.

    Chocolate, chocolate,
    Chocolate fudge,
    Do I dare? read more »

    Olivia Taylor
  • 10.

    Loads of chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream,
    And a bowl of chocolate mousse is like a wonderful dream,
    Any chocolate candy brings me great joy,
    And chocolate covered pretzels feel like a new toy! read more »

    Lydia Etzler
  • 11.
    Chocolate! Chocolate!

    Chocolate! Chocolate!
    Brown and yummy
    Feeling good in my tummy
    Crunchy and munchy! read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 12.

    Obsession is not a word
    to describe my fascination with chocolates.

    Milk chocolates that melt in you mouth read more »

    Daleen Enslinstrydom
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