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Poems About: CHILDREN

In this page, poems on / about “children” are listed.

  • 25.
    A child stuck in time

    To sleep
    to toss and turn
    hoping not to dream tonight
    in the grips of horrible nighmares read more »

    Babygirl 1992
  • 26.
    Haiku (Senryu) ~ Childhood

    a few children
    riding a long bamboo
    a local train going read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 27.
    (Freedom poems) Fairy child

    Fairy child
    You child of a god
    Fairy child
    You have given read more »

    BanishedFairy (a.k.a ngaka motaung)
  • 28.
    When Children Pray

    Children only kneel when some incident causes great fear
    Children only cry when they feel alone and threatened
    Children live by a strong faith that is scare these days
    Children will bare any type of pain if they feel it will ease the hate read more »

    victoria martinez
  • 29.
    A Prayer On Child Abuse

    Dear God Above
    Bless the children that need your love
    Bless the lives that are about to end
    Caused by a stranger, relative, or even a friend read more »

    Ginny Cadle
  • 30.
    Children of Light

    Children of light and beauty,
    Search your might and duty,
    Children of excellence and peace,
    Find your success and release. read more »

    Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa
  • 31.
    A Child.

    A child is pure and shines in love,
    Pure in love and happiness,
    They don't know hate or greed,
    They take knowledge from those who think best, read more »

    Carl Douglas Sinderby
  • 32.
    Come Little Children - John Debney

    Come little children I'll take thee away
    into a land of Enchantment

    Come little children the time's come to play read more »

    Sashka Salvatore
  • 33.
    Monday's Child is Ill

    Monday's child is ill, I'm told.
    Tuesday's child has caught a cold.
    Wednesday's child is down with the flu.
    Thursday's child is feeling blue. read more »

    Bruce Larkin
  • 34.
    Mother's Love

    Mother's Love
    mother's Love carry a child to term
    When Mother's Labor of Love holding the child in her arms
    Mother's Loved raise the child teach the child of Love read more »

    Rhonda Bowdidge
  • 35.
    For A Child


    No worry can be as great
    As for a child. read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 36.
    The Child

    Deep down inside there's a child,
    A child that's mangled and abused,
    A child that couldn't smile,
    A child that a sick person used. read more »

    Helen Williamson
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