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Parentage Is Guarding Lineage And Heritage! - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

your children may look your children,
By you and the whole world,
even the children believe this is true.

But look at the DNA in them,
It came from you, but think from where it came to you?
Isn't it True that all the neocleotides in our DNA and RNA, PROTEINS AND ALL BIOLOGICAL molecules come from plants and animals!

In this respect animals and trees are our parents,
We owe all molecule in our body to them,
Hence clearly they are real parents of our body,

so we, in short can say nature and energy are our parents!

Isn't it true that our mortal parents shared them and nurtured us and taught us,
they are parents of virtues, moral and cultural values in us!

It is lineage and heritage
inherited from time unknown!

your children Are not your children,
You are the care taker of that lineage!
In you if some genes are dominant or recessive,
May some are neither dominant or recessive,
That is play of dominance or incomplete dominance,
Make children look alike or not!

But you are the parent and take care of children,
Be a model or idol to them,
Win them by your own patience and attitudes,
Bring them slowly into your line!

Children Are innocent flowers in divine garden,
You are the plant with roots,
Feed them, look after and shape them,
fill colours and fragrance of lineage!

Children Are like parrots,
They copy your words and actions,
They are innocent and true,
Like a sponge absorb your traits
Think of there growth and deciding constraints!

You made a child in you,
But you have child in grown up body and mature mind,
Think of the child in child's heart,
Striving to grow in this world!

Let the mature mind control child in you first,
Then the child in your child's heart get hold on Life's virtues.

You are the painter or the sculptor of your child,
But the art work or idol becomes property of world,
One among the art pieces,
Of human culture and heritage!

Be careful in shaping children,
They are soft and brittle,
Once their mind breaks,
No one can join or reshape!

You are the link of that chain of life,
Behave as parent knowing this truth
Man is above animal in this aspect!

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