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Poems About: CHILDHOOD

In this page, poems on / about “childhood” are listed.

  • 49.
    Why Do Children Want To Grow

    Why do Children
    of now adays
    Want to grow so fast
    to look grown up read more »

    Kaila George
  • 50.
    2.03 Childhood - Youth - Old Age

    The three around the fire sitting,
    Gossiping of Life and its doings,
    Reached a point thought provoking,
    Of their journey and life prevailing. [1] read more »

    Munindra (Munnan) Misra
  • 51.
    Childhood's Sweet Song

    Childhood forever gone
    Just pleasant wisps remain
    Close your eyes and remember
    The bliss of young ignorance read more »

    Indigo Rose Christman
  • 52.
    Childhood Dreams

    Sunlight peeps thru closed curtains
    like a sleepy child, nodding in - out
    yet you sleep. the wave of pre-dawn
    passion, renaming lost childhood dreams read more »

    Joe Howell
  • 53.

    I still remember my childhood,
    Love, affection and chide of my mother,
    Weeping in a false manner, read more »

    dr. ram sharma
  • 54.

    Childhood is the stage of Paradise
    It is the best and most beautiful life
    The innocence of the childhood
    Makes all of us to have feelings and pity towards them read more »

    Z.I. Mahmud
  • 55.
    Super Mario Brothers Live As Video Gamer's Memory Paradise in Me

    Think back to your personal childhood
    experiences with video game paradise
    Think Nintendo Consoles and the most famous
    Video Game Mascot of all read more »

    Ashleigh Leona Mellon
  • 56.
    I look through my childhood

    I look through my childhood as if I were there,
    but yet remain in this grown up body, which in life is not fair,
    I have forgotten the good times in my past,
    I can't believe that my childhood moved on very fast, read more »

    Savio Vogt
  • 57.
    Lost times

    How come we are worlds apart
    How come we have lost
    happy memories of past
    Golden times we’ve tossed read more »

    A. V. Asreg
  • 58.
    On Child Labour

    Childhood years are something we treasure,
    But there are those who have not achieved this pleasure.

    A childhood they could not savour, read more »

    Sameer Daniel Gardner
  • 59.

    My childhood was spent in a distant, golden age
    My birth launched the baby boom, when childhood became all the rage
    I was one of nature's children, a terror to behold
    But I became one of nature's gentlemen, if I may be so bold read more »

    Ron Burn
  • 60.
    Childhood's Christmas

    Christmas opened childhood
    Like heroes opened games,
    And gifts were just the standard
    For those with your same name. read more »

    Patti Masterman
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