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Nice Girl - Poem by Carmella Stajanca

When I was younger I was always the nice girl. If another person was reading outloud in class yet they still couldn't read as well as the others... I would never laugh. Everytime it happened I can remember there would always be a few students mocking that one child. So what if he or she is still learning how to read... What's so funny about that? Everytime that one student couldn't read... That other one student giggled. And everytime that one student giggled, I wanted to punch him or her in the face. Then, I would look to see the embarrassment felt by the child who didn't read correctly... Their face bright red... Their eyes holding back tears.. Their self esteem wounded at such a young age.. and I wanted to tell him or her ''its okay... You'll learn how to read one day'' but as their nerves tingled.. My blood rushed as I felt anger towards the child laughing. And after seeing how embarrassed the student became... I wanted to punch the laughing child not only once but repeatedly. Thinking to myself do you realize how you are damaging this child right now... No you probably don't because you are just a child yourself. Ironically so was I... But I knew it was wrong to laugh. I wanted to punch that student over and over until his or her face was red... Then maybe he or she might know how that other student felt. Because then he or she would be damaged forever and never forget the day in elementary school a tiny girl punched his or her face. But I can guarantee he or she still would never understand why I did it. I am positive that he or she still has that laughing child inside of them til this day. That mean part of him or her may never go away. Just like the nice girl inside of me never went away.


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