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  • 301.
    William House and Family

    Come all kind friends, both far and near,
    Come listen to me and you shall hear --
    It's of a family and their fate,
    All about them I will relate.

    They once did live at Edgerton,
    They once did live at Muskegon,
    From there they went to Chicago,
    Which proved their fatal overthrow.

    It was William House's family,
    As fine a family as you see --
    His family was eleven in all,
    I do not think it was very small.

    Two children died some years ago,
    Before they went to Chicago,
    Five children there he had with him,
    When death his home there enters in.

    The small-pox then was raging there,
    And Oh! it would not their house spare,
    For all but one was sick of them,
    A dreadful house it must have been.

    The eldest girl was married then,
    The eldest boy was in Michigan,
    The second boy he was at home,
    And took care of them all alone.

    His father and his mother dear,
    And dear sister, too, I hear,
    Were very sick and in his care,
    And no kind friends to help him there:

    Two little brothers, and a baby too,
    Made six in all -- what could he do,
    He had to take care of them all,
    The baby, too, was very small.

    As he would go to his father's bed,
    And try to soothe his aching head,
    "My son, I pray you leave me, do
    Go take care of poor mother, too."

    "Your mother and sister need your care,
    And your little infant brother there;
    Oh! Charlie, Charlie, take care of them,
    My son, do all for them you can."

    It seemed as though he did not know
    That his poor soul so soon must go,
    And leave his little ones he loved,
    To go to that bright world above.

    But God he called his soul away,
    It had to leave, it could not stay --
    He never more on earth will be,
    His soul is from sin and sorrow free.

    Charles helped the sexton, I am told,
    To lay his form in the coffin cold --
    How sad, how sad, poor soul was he,
    When last his father's form did see.

    Minnie May House she had to go,
    And leave her friends that loved her so --
    She was a girl in her teens,
    A lovely flower as e'er was seen.

    Minnie and her mother lay on one bed,
    And when Charles said, "our Minnie is dead,"
    His mother then she did grow wild,
    And early after knew her child.

    They buried Minnie by her father's side,
    And left them there where they had died --
    Charles took his mother and brothers then
    And brought them back to Michigan.

    For the mother and the baby too,
    Kind friends did all that they could do,
    But those poor souls they could not save,
    For now they're sleeping in their grave.

    Oh! what a noble son was he,
    His age was then only sixteen --
    Charles House's name I have told before
    God bless his soul forever more. read more »

  • 302.
    Black History Month

    A pretty black girl in Chicago takes a stray bullet to the back,
    another Mother standing beside a dark grave, while white America arms.
    A black boy shot in the face getting groceries for his waiting Mom,
    a congress so dumb white blind, they can't see this as wrong! read more »

  • 303.
    Charlie Parker (In Loving Memory Of Sal Paradise & Dean Moriarty)

    'Be not afraid of your madness
    But understand it and use it wisely,
    O' fortunate child of Buddha-Nature'.(Preface) read more »

  • 304.
    Michelle Obama Tribute

    Michelle Obama
    Sasha and Malia's
    First Lady 2008 read more »

  • 305.
    Imperial Drones

    superpower arrogance
    self aggrandized
    American egodacity read more »

  • 306.
    Catullus Poem 58, An Original Adaptation of an Ancient Roman Love Poem

    Johnny! It's Lesbia*, our Lesbia,
    The Lesbia, that girl Stanley loved,
    Loved more than self and all he calls his own,
    Now at the Great Hall, Chicago, Union Station, read more »

  • 307.
    The Red Flag

    The people's flag is deepest red
    It shrouded oft our martyred dead
    And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold
    Their hearts' blood dyed to every fold read more »

  • 308.

    I've dreampt of living in Chicago all my life.
    I'd roam around and do what I please,
    not thinking about yesterday's problem or tomorrow's tasks.
    I'd sulk in the energy just thinking about here and now, read more »

  • 309.

    I watched the Chicago skyline
    Become bright at the height of twilight
    On a rooftop twenty-nine flights
    I felt the daily fight read more »

  • 310.

    Your violet eyes, your black hair flying in the wind. I glance out the window and see the highway we're on. I wonder when we'll get there. to the city I've choosen to stay for college.

    You spoke to me, saying we'll be there soon. You hold my hand on the seat of your truck. The truck you'll be selling, for a motorcycle. i smile, remembering how excited he was when he told me. read more »

  • 311.

    Chicago why do you have to change?
    chicago acting so plan
    chicago your better than what the people
    say your the first thing that comes to mind read more »

  • 312.
    Your Fine Charms

    Maple Marble your fine overtones,
    like Marshall Fields in Chicago
    where you wrote an essay of political analogy,
    and became The Pro, read more »

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