In this page, poems on / about “chicago” are listed.

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    Correct Usage Of The Word ‘Comprise’

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  • 234.
    Teacher's Pet

    Many decades ago, Tim had spent eight years staring at the back of Edmund's head. He had no choice because their surnames began with the same letter and they had been seated alphabetically by the nuns who taught them in grammar school. It was the Fifties, and their neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago was home to immigrant families from all over Europe.

    Many of the children had parents who struggled to speak English. Not so with Tim. His parents had come to America from Ireland speaking fluent English delivered in a musical brogue. Edmund's parents, however, had come to the United States from what was then known as Bohemia and is today Czechoslovakia. They spoke what was called "broken" English but had no trouble adjusting to life in America. They worked hard, as did most of the immigrants in that neighborhood, to realize their American dream. read more »

  • 235.
    Please... Let Me Go;

    You seem to be my voice, my mind, my microphone.
    There are so many places my mind wills me to go,
    There are so many places my feet want to wonder too…
    I know now though…they would not lead me to you anymore. read more »

  • 236.
    Mostly Mick Jagger


    Thank god he stuck his tongue out.
    When I was twelve I was in danger read more »

  • 237.
    The Olympic Torch

    November 9th of this year while the International Space Station swayed
    2 Cosmonauts took a spacewalk and history was made. read more »

  • 238.
    The Big Memories

    Everyone's been through shit
    Some just don't like to admit
    While others look down on those who do
    Makin fun' read more »

  • 239.
    Precious Lord

    Not sweet sixteen not even sweet sixteen and she'?s moaning
    not even sixteen years old and she'??s moaning?
    not even sweet sixteen and she'?s moaning the words
    moaning out the words to "Precious Lord" read more »

  • 240.
    Two Funerals in One Day

    The alarm clock screams at 5 a.m.
    and I get up to attend a funeral
    50 miles away, a long drive back
    to a corner of Chicago once rife read more »

New Chicago Poems

  1. Who Says India Is Not Secular? Do Not Mi.., Bijay Kant Dubey
  2. Taza - Lincoln Park Zoo, Ima Ryma
  3. Resurrection Mary, Ima Ryma
  4. Always Family, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  5. Evening Song, Sherwood Anderson
  6. My Kind of Town, Ima Ryma
  7. Go for a Walk, Ima Ryma
  8. Judy's Father and Mine, Donal Mahoney
  9. An Ode To Swami Vivekananda, Tushar Ray
  10. Chicago blues, Cee Bea
  11. International TV Preacher, Saiom Shriver
  12. May Day, Md. Ziaul Haque
  13. Heron Here At - Lincoln Park Zoo, Ima Ryma
  14. Jackie Robinson West, Ima Ryma
  15. Belissima, Patricia Spears Jones
  16. The Ghost and the Darkness, Ima Ryma
  17. Riding Schwinns in '56, Donal Mahoney
  18. Destiantion On Route 66, Eve White
  19. Mountain Throne, Midnights Voice
  20. Vendémiaire Wednesdays, sasha yarlexolnikov
  21. In Search Of Americans, Joe Sadeghloo
  22. Behind the Barn with Carol Ann, Donal Mahoney
  23. War on Gang Terror, Ima Ryma
  24. Oh, Rahm, Oh, Rahm Emmanuel, John F. McCullagh
  25. The Lovesong of Emmett Till (1996), Anthony Walton
  26. A poem To Barbra Ort, Oliver .........
  27. Walker Evans, Allen Braden
  28. Madman in Remission, Donal Mahoney
  29. Orpheus Hops a Freight, Leonard Kress
  30. Crackling Again, Donal Mahoney
  31. People Who Live Above Stores, Donal Mahoney
  32. Lake Michigan, Kate Harrington
  33. To Conjure Up, Kevin Kiely
  34. The Corner of Wells and Madison, Donal Mahoney
  35. Those Good Tomatoes, Donal Mahoney
  36. Caseworker Determining Eligibility, Donal Mahoney
  37. Caseworker: Yams and Plantain, Donal Mahoney
  38. The Copyreader, Donal Mahoney
  39. Michelle Obama Tribute, Susan King Saunders
  40. Swinging Doors, horace p sternwall
  41. The Great Chicago Fire, Thomas Koron
  42. Cats At Their Bowls Lapping, Donal Mahoney
  43. On the Sparrow: No Blame, Ed Roberson
  44. Crowned Lemurs Like Lincoln Park Zoo, Ima Ryma
  45. Evening, Just Before Twilight, Esteban Arellano
  46. To Robert Hayden, Eduardo C. Corral
  47. The Missed Free Throws, Donal Mahoney
  48. Cubbie Clark, Ima Ryma
  49. Shall I Compare She to A Chicago Winter, Lore Me34
  50. Snowy Owl - Lincoln Park Zoo, Ima Ryma
  51. It's All in the Wrists, Said Ted Bundy, Donal Mahoney
  52. Gentleman, Jaipal Singh
  53. The Skinny On Fatty's Cafe, Donal Mahoney
  54. Jennifer, Joseph Narusiewicz
  55. Any Englishman To His Son, A. P. Herbert
  56. Whirls, Carl Sandburg
  57. Real Estate News, Carl Sandburg
  58. Portrait, Carl Sandburg
  59. Between Trayvon Shooting & Zimmerman Ver.., Luke Easter
  60. Making Rhythmic Memories, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  61. Poor Humor, Lonnie Hicks
  62. The Doorman And The Dormouse, Ivo Cosentino
  63. Chicago, Morgan Michaels
  64. Lemon Underwear, Donal Mahoney
  65. Ion, Stan Petrovich
  66. Cub and Flub, Ima Ryma
  67. Bending, Grabbing, Sorting, Donal Mahoney
  68. Winter on Astor Street, Donal Mahoney
  69. Mixed Couple on the Morning Train, Donal Mahoney
  70. Nikki-Rosa, Nikki Giovanni
  71. The Wrist-Snatcher, Donal Mahoney
  72. Charlie Parker (In Loving Memory Of Sal .., Shijin Taigu
  73. Rock n Roll, Moses Samandar
  74. Before I Sally Off, Donal Mahoney
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