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  • 37.
    September Changes

    September is like no other
    It's days change color and weather
    No other month can say quite the same
    For every day, I can feel the change

    It's cool breezes start out warm,
    Changing to cold throughout every storm
    The leaves change and fall
    As the Summer leaves and Autumn kisses us all

    September maidens feel the change
    Like the blue of the sky
    Yet the color so deep
    Unbelievable beauty

    Maidens fall throughout and watch
    Each raindropp changing through colors so fast
    Yet one streak remains the same
    Of that wonderful sapphire rain.

    September, unlike any other
    Holds you tight, in any weather.
    Changes come, no matter where you go

    North and you'll get stormy snow
    South and feel the heat of summer coming
    September does this, no matter what.
    Change lives within, Nothing to stop

    September is beautiful
    And awesome all the same
    It's hope for the future and the change
    Comes swiftly as we sweep away

    The Summer ends and the Autumn begins
    Change is all around
    With one maiden leaving
    And yet, another comes

    Born into the world
    Of wonderful September
    The sapphire skies live on
    Through out this wonderful September read more »

  • 38.
    The 'Poem A Day' Project - Day 46

    I changed my hair I changed my style
    I changed my look I changed my smile
    I changed my hat to suit the fad
    I changed the clothing that I had read more »

  • 39.

    as we get older we change
    the people around us change
    but do we realy realize that we change
    we can notice a change in others but read more »

  • 40.
    I Wish It Would Change

    I wish it would change.

    The urge to cut my self. read more »

  • 41.
    Do not just long for a change, know how to accept it

    Nothing is permanent
    Except the change
    Change is a necessary phenomenon
    In an active system read more »

  • 42.
    Change, The Inevitable.

    Change is to one man the death of a friend,
    To another the birth of a child.
    Change is the shifting of soft winds of spring,
    to a hurricane deadly and wild. read more »

  • 43.
    ... WiND oF CHaNGe...

    Wind Of Change made me a call
    To better my life, my inner, my all
    To revive my Heart, my Mind, my Soul read more »

  • 44.
    Who Is Strong Enough?

    I do want to live for another hundred years
    Yet, I do know I have lived
    I do want to make my mark, If only I could do so
    I do want to fight my pain read more »

  • 45.
    Embrace The Change

    I changed my hair I changed my style
    I changed my look I changed my smile
    I changed my hat to suit the fad
    I changed the clothing that I had read more »

  • 46.


    Change, thou not chosen? read more »

  • 47.

    A change in time, a change in place
    A change of jobs, a change of pace
    change your style or change your friends
    change your path and change the end read more »

  • 48.

    when the world keep spinning
    when the days keep changing

    everything gonna be changed read more »

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