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The Wind Of Change - Poem by Samuel Thor

A leaf slowly descends off the nearly barren tree, softly landing on the ground. A breeze gently twirls the leaves around the feet of the ones who stand together. Swirls of red and orange are caught in the winds and are carried about in an awe of spinning colours. The Wind of Change blows splendour in its leaves as they fade away, making way for a beautiful white wonder…
A snowflake falls. It hits the already whitened ground with chilling perfection. This beauty covers the land, chilling the bodies of those whose hearts burn so fiercely. The sparkling snow surrounds, blanketing the ground and trees until the Wind of Change comes again. Grass sprouts and flowers bloom; the whole world is reborn with the sweet fragrance of the earth. With the cheering aura of resurrection comes a feeling; a feeling brought as gust blow by, lighting up the spirits of the ones who care deeply for each other. With that wind comes another change, one that is magnificently important. The burning sun blazes, heating the flowing river as it streams by. A butterfly appears, attracted by the love that is season brings with its dazzling heat. The beautiful creature flutters around in the warmth, until the Wind of Change comes once more, and the river flows on forever more. As seasons change may we never part.

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