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Poems About: CAT

In this page, poems on / about “cat” are listed.

  • 313.
    My Cat

    My cat once had between his teeth
    A little thing – namely a toad
    He had found in the nearby heath
    Which he brought back to his abode read more »

    Elia Michael
  • 314.
    Save The Cats

    The Story of the Captive Cat
    Severe Punishment is all She Got
    Sin had no Connection.
    Innocence was the Ultimate Definition read more »

    rohan bendre
  • 315.
    My Amazing Cat

    My Amazing Cat

    My beautiful cat, Thomas is his name
    A wonderful creature, free from blame, read more »

  • 316.
    Black Cat

    Black cat, we're not so different
    You're no more evil than I
    But we are associated with wicked ways
    Deeds and forces, negative and crude read more »

    Matthew Peel
  • 317.
    I Hear a Baby Crying

    Me thinks I hear a child crying,
    I searched out, I saw a cat,
    a male, and a female, in a sensual act.
    I called out to mother, read more »

    chas garcia
  • 318.
    Cat's Tail

    Curiosity kills cat
    and cat the
    chitterchatting bird
    and bird the blurping read more »

    Madrason writer
  • 319.
    Kitty Cat

    Once there was a cat
    Who had 3 hats
    She went to the store
    To Buy herself a whore read more »

    Make A Wish
  • 320.

    Grin stretched Cheshire wide
    on the glass screen
    of the fish bowl,
    cat is furry sleep rolled upside-down read more »

    Val Morehouse
  • 321.
    Changing Times 2

    we all seem to take it
    with a wiff of stoic
    last fall my women folk
    had our two tom cats castrated read more »

    shimon weinroth
  • 322.
    That is matter

    At home

    Cat kiss read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 323.
    Poor Jealous Pooch

    Oh please why don’t you pet me?
    Don’t just pet the cat
    I’m handsome and I’m loving
    You can see just where I’m at read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 324.
    Of Angels and Cigarettes

    I watch my little Angel cat,
    A frolicking, dancing,
    Gold-and-blue-eyed cotton ball
    Of a little Angel cat, read more »

    Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson
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