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Poems About: CAT

In this page, poems on / about “cat” are listed.

  • 109.

    Filipino people the cat is already dead
    So all you will have to do is chop the cat up
    And cook it for dinner
    Trust me it will be a lovely dinner read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 110.
    002. My Cat

    Sitting on the fence
    my cat looks round
    looking for any prey
    she gets up and stretches read more »

    John Westlake
  • 111.
    Copy Cat

    Do you like cats?
    Like cat in the hat?
    Not just any old cat,
    That scratches hats read more »

    Karon Yan
  • 112.
    Crow to cat

    Cat run
    Run to read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 113.

    Cat say's dog
    'Iove you...'

    Dog say's cat read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 114.
    4: 00 a.m.

    a little cat
    is crying in the rain
    in the middle of the road
    not far from where read more »

  • 115.
    Cat Carcass

    Last Night two storm cats above roof
    my two eyeballs were difficult to close
    now I 'm very sleepy
    Before that night a child cat was hit taxi read more »

    Prasetya Utama
  • 116.
    That poor cat

    (This is a true story)

    When I saw a dead cat lying on the road, it made me feel bad.
    This yellow cat had been killed by a car and it was very sad. read more »

    Randy Johnson
  • 117.
    FOR WHAT...?

    Rat run
    Cat run... read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 118.
    Calico Cat

    The Calico Cat
    Sits in my lap,
    Enjoying the soft, nice strokes. read more »

    Mindy Browne
  • 119.
    Cat Protocol

    Cat Protocol
    Watching the cats eat I was surprised to learn
    They use a protocol not seen since army infantry days
    That the most powerful and senior cat – read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 120.
    She Loves Her Cats

    She likes her cats more than humans
    She has sex with men she doesn't love
    When they like her cats she puts out
    I wish she would clean her cat box more read more »

    Joseph Narusiewicz
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