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Poems About: CAT

In this page, poems on / about “cat” are listed.
  • 1.

    Cameron the cat would never miss a trick –
    Often in the garden on patrol.
    Otherwise sleeping, though frequently meeting
    His one and only love – that earthen bowl! read more »

    Mark R Slaughter
  • 2.
    There Would Be Pets, Mostly Cats

    In the story of my childhood
    there would be pets, mostly cats.
    Every year there would come a time
    when we would suddenly discover read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 3.

    Black cats, blue cats
    white cats, grey cats
    Round and thin, stray cats
    Tall and short, they come in all sorts read more »

    David Darbyshire
  • 4.

    Cats, cats,
    Glamorous cats,
    Some are skinny,
    Some are fat, read more »

    Kezia Nilsen
  • 5.

    Cats are furry and feel warm to the touch
    Cats purr sometimes softly and sometimes loudly
    Cats have a mind
    Of their own read more »

    Emily Krauss
  • 6.
    And Pussy cat

    Pussy pussy cat pussy cat
    Where have you been
    And pussy cat replied
    He had been to London read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 7.

    Fat cats
    Skinny cats
    Fluffy cats
    Short haired cats read more »

    jess kisss
  • 8.
    The Cat of All Cats

    My Cat is the cat of all cats
    For she is like a beautiful Painting
    She sleeps and awakes in the early morning
    To demand her requests for the day. read more »

    Kim Day
  • 9.
    The Cool Cat

    The cool cat,
    is just standing there.
    The cool cat,
    doesn't even glare. read more »

    Jasmine Aira
  • 10.
    Cats, cats

    Cats, cats,
    such fluffy fur,
    cats, cats,
    a beautiful purr. read more »

    Abbie Howard
  • 11.
    7 Cats of the Cobblestone v

    7 cats came calling
    7 cats they be

    7 cats came calling read more »

    Gary Kedron
  • 12.
    Pussy goes to London, nursery rhyme

    Pussy cat, Pussy cat
    where did you go?
    Meow, I went to London
    to look sports show. read more »

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