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Poems About: CAR

In this page, poems on / about “car” are listed.

  • 109.
    Sad Ending

    Mom and dad left and took the car,
    on their drive they drove by a bar,
    cars were scattering and people were shouting,
    drunks and cops filled the streets, read more »

    Jared Long
  • 110.
    God Did It!

    On the highway minding my business
    another car was trying to get by
    so i put my foot on the brakes
    and my car flipped upside down read more »

    Tyreesha Smith
  • 111.

    Who owns my heart?
    Go owns my heart of course
    Because he fills my heart with love everyday
    So that my heart can run smooth read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 112.
    My 1st little car

    Look there I see it

    I seen it there just in sight read more »

  • 113.
    Learning Marathi

    We were in Jambhle saheb’s car
    It was a Fiat, and he was ExN, NRBC
    The year was 1970, place Phaltan,
    In Satara district, State of Maharashtra. read more »

    Daniel Trevelyn Joseph
  • 114.
    owt fer nowt

    ‘No subscription fee
    No fines for late returns
    No charges at the library’
    Whoopee! It’s free! read more »

    James Hart
  • 115.
    We are a Train (Through the Eyes of a Grandmother)

    I look down at myself
    So small and innocent
    So responsible and mature read more »

    Astrid Hardjana
  • 116.
    A: Run, Run Like The Wind

    Run, run like the wind
    catch a fast car stopping
    outside that will rush to
    pick up the kids, then read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 117.
    .4. I’m having a Breakdown

    The breakdown man just shook his head
    He’d seen it all before
    Car’s like mine were once the best
    But not so anymore read more »

    David Threadgold
  • 118.
    One Day

    One day you’re just sitting there and a car goes though your house and kills you
    One day a car in front of you goes out of control and hits your car
    One day you are not paying attention and you hit a pole going 60
    One day your legs freeze up and you can’t swim read more »

    Seth Mendenhall
  • 119.
    050210o all clear and quiet

    my neighbor seems to be resting
    cars left slowly to point soundless
    only my silver car trying to light up
    whole neighborhood with alien logo read more »

    Manonton Dalan
  • 120.
    what bothers you

    got a new car
    and you are driving it
    at the road
    towards the boulevard read more »

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