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A Black And White And Right - Poem by Ron Stock

In an attic fort of wooden crates, pine shelves and fishing poles
covered by dusty curtains and blankets in greens and golds,
my childhood sweetheart and I often played doctor and nurse,
unaware we were sowing the seeds of a lifelong addictive curse.
I couldn’t resist exploring the skin of her body with my eyes,
or running my hands and fingers up and down her tender thighs.
One this warm morning we were both naked from head to toe
when the voice of Karen's mom yelled up from the kitchen below,
'It's waaaaay too quiet up there. I think you to go outside and play.”
So we put on our clothes, descended the stairs and greeted a sunny day.

Hand in hand we skipped down the drive to the sidewalk near the street
and happened upon two neighborhood boys eating from a bag of sweets.
'Give us some candy. I want your candy.' I said in a demanding tone,
but the oldest boy, holding the bag, looked at me and said, 'No! '
So I tightened my fist and plastered him hard, right across the face,
and he dropped his bag and ran like hell, so why should I give chase?
Because at my feet, scattered about, were luscious candies of all kinds,
so on mints, chocolates, suckers and gums Karen and I now dined.
Contented souls, we strolled up the sidewalk heading for my home.
Life was good, all was well, we were ready to face the unknown.

Until a car stopped at the curb near us; a black and white and right,
with a bubble near it's widow's peak, flashing a bright red light.
Then a policeman waved at me and said, “Please come over here son.”
That is when I walked to the window and noticed the big shotgun
propped against the dashboard and then he looked straight at me,
“A mother called to complain, son. Where'd you get that bag of candy? ”
I sat between the two big cops, the shotgun nearly touching my feet,
as they drove me home to see my dad, where I would likely meet,
the firm strap of a man possessed of too much anger from his past,
and the cold heart of a boy possessed, of love that he hoped would last.

Comments about A Black And White And Right by Ron Stock

  • Veteran Poet - 1,760 Points Eugene Levich (4/9/2015 1:15:00 PM)

    Great scenes and great story line - a fine poem that keeps one's attention and admiration right to the end. Kudos to the author! (Report) Reply

    Freshman - 667 Points Ron Stock (4/9/2015 5:27:00 PM)

    Eugene, thanks for the nice comments.

    Freshman - 667 Points Ron Stock (4/9/2015 5:25:00 PM)

    Thanks Eugene. A true story

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