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Poems About: CANDY

In this page, poems on / about “candy” are listed.

  • 337.
    I hate

    I hate the ways
    Cold weather stays
    Longer than it should
    I hate candy read more »

    Josh Sternberg
  • 338.
    Oh, Those Little Things

    Pink and Blue,
    Oh those cotton candy skies,
    over blue shimmering ripples, read more »

    B.B. Loring
  • 339.
    La La Land

    Cooky Candy Canes
    Talking gum drops
    Pooping Purple Planes
    Glowing rainbow cops read more »

    Ari Xeiu
  • 340.
    A Nude Picture

    Your love is like a nude picture in my mind and,
    It is sweeter than a candy pie;
    You are real and i am here to stay.
    A nude picture! read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 341.
    Deep In The Forest

    Out there deep in the forest land
    There lives three elves deep in a cave
    They only come out to terrorize the town
    They are named, Demon, Terror, and Dave read more »

    norman hale
  • 342.

    Once upon a magic time,
    On a fairytale world.
    There was a lollipop forest
    And a Beautiful Girl. read more »

    Sara Stowell
  • 343.

    If there is one thing that every man must love,
    Would be to dance the dance of keebler elves,
    The horizontal mambo with you and her and maybe three,
    Maybe if paid enough you’ll be a friend to me, read more »

    Joseph Skytta
  • 344.
    Rememberance of a Father

    I search for words so profound to say about a man I call my father
    He is a man of honesty and never stood to be lied too he never would have bothered
    He was a man who enjoyed his beer.
    I remember fondly, of listening to his laughing and jokes and cheer. read more »

    Paul Wilson
  • 345.

    We sputtered out kisses as if they were candy,
    the finest mists forming droplets on flirting eyelashes.

    (The heart is only capable of enduring so many lies) read more »

    echo burke
  • 346.
    ~ Ear Candy ~

    you got me open just on the words you say.
    How did you get me hooked by the thoughts you convey?
    It's a chain reaction creeping… although out me, read more »

    Goldie Lopez
  • 347.

    I spin the true tale of the Candy-man.
    For those who'd like a bedtime-story.
    I want you to sleep on my little ones.
    I'll try not to make it too gory. read more »

    cheryl davis miller
  • 348.
    Dreams on the Hillside

    Last night I slept beneath the starry skies
    Cloudless, warm, with fireflies
    A cool summer breeze brushed over me
    And crickets chimed harmoniously read more »

    Ali Vaughan
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