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Poems About: BUTTERFLY

In this page, poems on / about “butterfly” are listed.

  • 13.
    On Wing and Wind...

    My butterfly, I remember the
    day we met. You bumped into me.
    Well, sort of floated, from no where,
    and from that moment, I recall what read more »

    (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
  • 14.
    Butterfly Kisses

    There’s one thing I know,
    That I hold close to me
    My dreams are drifting
    Off and onto the sea read more »

    AnneMarie Hewlett
  • 15.
    butterfly fly away

    You tucked me in, turned out the light
    Kept me safe and sound at night
    Little girls depend on things like that read more »

    zack horton
  • 16.
    Torn Butterfly

    Torn butterfly torn butterfly
    Seeing you there it makes me cry
    Torn butterfly your wings they tore
    From the weight that they bore read more »

    Anonymous Ghurl
  • 17.
    The Butterfly and The Hummingbird

    ' The Butterfly and The Hummingbird... '

    (From The Solomon Studies Series)
    (Eccl.3: 11 / Prov.6: 6 / Matt.6: 26,28,29) read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 18.
    'She gives me butterflies'

    Her presence over whelms me
    unique and pretty like a butterfly

    Yet this butterfly read more »

    Killa Cam
  • 19.
    Butterflies are free

    I believe in butterflies

    Butterflies are free read more »

    Batibchar Mocculta
  • 20.
    Butterflies Are Freedom

    When butterflies fly
    they say, 'This is hope.'

    When butterflies laugh, read more »

    J. Evelyn Sears
  • 21.

    A butterfly can fly away,
    A butterfly can be a kiss,
    A butterfly can be such a gaze,
    A butterfly can die just like that. read more »

    Candice Anderson
  • 22.
    When Butterflies Dance

    When butterflies flutter and flare about
    To the music of liberty as you are set apart
    When all around seems bleak and taste upon doubt
    Butterflies at play to the drum of your prevalent heart. read more »

    Gretchen Samuels
  • 23.
    My Butterfly

    My butterfly
    seemingly delicate
    with wings of steel
    cold sharp steel read more »

    Timothy Kashorek
  • 24.

    On a horrid summer's day I seclude myself away,
    Only to be drawn out to the light by nature at play,
    Butterfly oh Butterfly carelessly fluttering by,
    Your elegant dance entrances the innocence in me, read more »

    Christian Lacdael
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