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Poems About: BROTHER

In this page, poems on / about “brother” are listed.

  • 49.

    If God could give us a new brother?
    What type of broyher would he give us?
    Would he be a very friendly brother?
    If God could give us a new brother? read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 50.
    Half Blooded Brothers

    You my blood half or full were brothers, regardless of what you do to each other, you my brother half or full, .

    We keep each other good, you my brother half or full. We take care of each other, because we brothers half or full. read more »

    Arthur V. Miller III
  • 51.
    my young brothers

    young brother young brother i see we are close to cross that mountain, no matter your age orgin or color, or creed. i consider you my young brothers, giving, the time...
    young brother young brother as generation evaluation, we all need a helping hand, can we see to have peace, i know im just of coming, but seeing this horror made me write for kin,
    dear brother my brother words are all we can share, by that can we nurture to make peace,
    i am not that of, of a man lacking wood, but would you like to hear my full story? read more »

    Louis Borgo
  • 52.
    Dearest brother! (song)

    Oh brother of mine, why don't you just die tonight.

    oh brother, oh brother, oh brother... just die tonight. read more »

    Katie Unknown
  • 53.
    A Maxim Of Peace

    Never have regrets, brother,
    But for sake of sin;
    The treacherous heart within
    All too soon forgets, brother, read more »

    Martin Farquhar Tupper
  • 54.
    All My Brothers

    I walk with my brother the Christian,
    But I do not believe as he, I am not his Christian brother.
    I walk with my brother the Jew,
    Not born to his name, I am not his brother. read more »

    R.L. Ohlhausen
  • 55.
    What is a Brother?

    What is a brother?
    Someone who is there
    when you are hurting
    He picks you up read more »

    Hydia Hollins
  • 56.
    Brothers Are Forever

    Brothers share a special bond,
    Like blood, brotherhood,
    It’s thicker than water.
    Friends may come and go, read more »

    aashka thakkar
  • 57.
    Brother Brother

    Brother Brother
    Please Come Back Home
    I Wish We All Would Have Known
    Brother Brother read more »

    Heather Hesse
  • 58.
    Little brother dont never wear my hats.....

    Little brother don't put on my blue cap that I wear when I stand on the corner
    Little brother don't put on my kangol hat the
    one I be having on when I be riding in my homeboy
    callica read more »

    valentine white
  • 59.
    My Brother

    My brother aged 18,
    He's so annoying,
    So crazy, he makes me mad, read more »

    Pritisha Sardesai
  • 60.
    Two Brothers

    Rule the world
    One day
    Another night. read more »

    gajanan mishra
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