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No Poeckets On My Clothes - Poem by alexander opicho

No Pockets on My Clothes

One Act Play

Alexander K. Opicho

For what is yours to bestow is not yours to reserve,
William Shakespeare, (Twelfth night) .

1. Masika - Catholic Catechist
2. Engalamasi - wife to Masika
3. Nabutusiu - Masika's girl child
4. Kantawala - Catholic Bishop, of Ndambasi Diocese.
5. Busolo - Area member of Parliament of Ndambasi Constituency.
6. Kasili - treasurer of the Cemetry authorities.
7. Abdulla - A muslim and neighbour to Masika
8. Wenwa - Leader of the baarefu clan to which Masika belongs.
9. Clansmen I and II, Mourners and gravediggers.
10. Diaba - Caretaker of Catholic Church houses in which Masika hails.


In Ndambasi village of Western province of Kenya at Masika's house.
Masika: (feeling Nabutusiu's temperature, with the back of his hand) my child is very hot. It is like she is a hot iron in glowing ambers of fire.
Engalamisi: She has been as hot as that since morning. Sometimes even more than that. I am worried.
Masika: Why should you be worried?
Engalamasi: Why must I not be worried when I have already buried my two sons? I am tired of carrying pregnancies for nine months; suckle two years, only to loose my efforts to death.
Masika: I am the one who got tired before. That is why I sold the ancestral land I had inherited from my father so that we could move to a new place. But remember we lossed our two sons to death because of the evil machination of my fellow clansmen. Good luck they are no longer near to us. We are now full fledged members of the Catholic Church. Just have strong faith, Nabutusiu; our daughter will be well very soon. She will not follow a fateful suit of her two brothers.
Engalamasi: The Catholic Church cannot prevent death. I am still worried. More so we are not living in our own home, we are now in a rented house. When my two sons died it was ok, I was in my own home, I had where to hold funeral from, I had where to burry them. Unlike now, I don't know where am going to bury Nabutusiou.
Masika: My wife! Engalamasi have the gods sent you mad? - Why are you planning to bury a girl who is not yet dead? Nabutusile only has fever.
Nabutusiu: (whining and speaking fantasia) Ooh! My head is burning. My stomach is boiling, my forelimbs are cracking away. I have seen an old man ………….man on the sky he is telling me. His name is wenwa….he is preparing out-door fire in three stones…..he is persuading me to go! Oho!
Masika: What!
Nabutusiu: Wenua! Wenwa! Wenwaaa!

Masika: (Leaving Nabutusile to sleep on a papyrus long chair, he covers her up with a shawl) . What is worng with my clan? Why is the clan using Wenwa my cousin to finish my family?
Engalamasi: It is true; Nabutusile my child has never set an eye on Wenwa since she was born, she is only seeing him in the sky because he has spelled a curse of death against my child. He has finished her with his powerful voodoo.
Masika: Wenwa will finish a whole world with voodoo.
Engalamasi: Not the whole world, he is only keen on you. He has ever kept an owl's eye on my house. His evil devices are all behind death of my two sons
(Enters Kantawala)
Masika: (To Kantawala) Karibu, come in your holiness.
Kantawala: Thank you, you all look not happy. What's wrong?
Masika: Bishop, we are crying. My child, look, she is very sick and whatever verbal signs she has started to show are not good. Am struck with despair, sincerely Bishop am hopeless.
Kantawala: (stoops to examine Nabutusiu)
My daughter! My daughter! (looks up at Masika) is she sick or she is already dead! She is not breathing……her skin is stiff! .
Engalamasi: (rushes to where Nabutusiu is) Oho! She is already dead! Am now childless
(enter mourners)
Mourner I; (Wailling oin the top of the voice) what have you done girl, why didn't you wait to die after Christman.
Mourners II: O girl! O girl! Why? Why? Young people don't have to die.
Gravediggers I; (shouting) show me where I will dig the grave for her.
Grave digger II: (to grave digger I) style up! You want to dig the grave, have you prepared a coffin? Moreover, do you want to dig a grave in the rented compound?


In the mid of the night, there is full moon, frogs are croaking in a choir-like sound, crickets are also singing and the distant crying of the hornbill is also heard. Wenwa is alone on an anthill dressed in wizards gear, monkey clobus and animal skin, leopard tail in his hand with a calabash bowl before him tipping the whisker into foul liquid on the calabash, whisking around to spread the liquid as he speaks abracadabraec words in a soliloquy.
Wenwa; (monoloque) Go! Go! Go to death you ugly young girl.
Nabutusiu, go, follow your first brother,
follow your second brother.
Follow them; follow them to the land of deaths.
Follow them quickly
As you have no business
A moving the living
Your place of abide
Is the realm of ancestors
Go! Go! To day before dawn
Sets forth, it must get you in a complete rigor mortis,
Let the fever of evil gods
Sent you mad with twaddle and fold you,
Into a pykitonic curl of death
Die, die, die Nabutusiu!

And as you die mention me not,
Nor mumble about me not
The cause of your demise
Should remain unkown,
Mumble not my name,
Nor yell not my gender
Die silently in defencellesness,
Curl yourself up like a millipede,
Open wide your eyes and
Let you breathes be curtailed,
At once and for all can you die!

Let not your mother sire,
Again and forever let her not
Have her matrix to bear
Anything else closer to a chilld
Walk away to the land of death with all those
That will come after you
Your sisters and brothers
Let them die before birth
Let them be washed away
As a dirty waste forever
In the menstrual blood
Of Engalamasi your mother
Let the spell of infertility
Take hostage your mother's matrix
And have it all as powerless captive,
Your Mother, that ugliest beast of a woman
Engalamasi your mother let her prosper.

Let the semens of his testicles,
Be charmless and impotent
Let his penis forever
And ever stay powerlessly limp
Like a dead pullfinch,
Like a dead young mouse
Let Masika's balls be balmy
In his undergarments
Let him not erect before
Any woman, any girl
Let him forget women,
Let women detest him
And let him fear women
in a perilous nausea let him
hold all women onset,
let none his offspring be seen
anywhere in this land,
our dear land of bareefu.

Letr not the hands
Of Engalamasi and her husband
Be productive to yield anything,
The coins in his hands must
Disappear like smoke
Let them buy nothing
Not even a rabbit
Let poverty eat them
In ruthlessness of a powerful spirit,
The curse of nakedness let it be
On your heads, Engalamasi
And your husband Masika
With her black fingernails,
Like the claws of the eagle
The spell of foodlessness
It is full might and gear,
Should hoover their household
Let them be poorest paupers
Of the land, east and west
They should die childless
Let Masika be wifeless,
Let him ever be making cold fire
At the barren and dumb fire yard
For generations and generations,
Then let him die alone,
In the housev with his eyes
Wide open, let no one close his eyes,
as he dies.


At Masika house, at the door yard, the cortege of dead Nabutusia in the coffin hanged on the stool. The mood is funeral like, sombre and mournful, clansmen, mourners, Engalamasi and Masika they are around, sitted at the round table on fold chairs, Mourners are Wailling, walking around the compound.

Clansman I: What is the problem with the clan of Barefu, does it mean it is nowadays blind to the problems of its own sons?
Clansman II: Who do you expect to answer you?
Clansman I: I was only thinking beyond boundaries of silence.
Engalamasi: (sobbing) what did you want the clan to do. My child is already dead; the clan has nothing to do. It can't bring back my child to life.
Clansman II: (to Engalamasi) we already know that my dear sister -in-law. But what about the burial arrangements. The girl's cortege has already lasted three days.
And remember it is a taboo in our community for the dead body of unmarried girl of this type (pointing at the coffin) to last for more than three days before being buried.

Masika; (chargedly) what has my girl begged from you! If her Cadavar lasts a week on the death bed before burial will it eat anything from your house? Keep your nose off from my child. She is dead but she is still mine.
Clansman I: Masika! You are an elder. The clan does not expect such a wind of words from the mouth of an elder like you.
Masika: Don't tell me about your clan.
Clansman I: My clan?
Masika: What did you hear?
Clansman I: What I have just heard from you my brother, is not what I have ever dreamed of in my life. The clan can not be mine alone. It is our clan. One man cannot make a clan.

Masika: I stopped being a man of the clan. I am now a man of the church. The Catholic Church is my clan. It is my brother, it's my sister, and it is my cousin. Nothing else, so don't tire my ears with
Clansman II: Brothers, we are all mourning. And mourning has no rules and regulations. Let my brother Masika mourn his daughter Nabutusiu in any manner. His grieve is triggered by history of his experience with the clan.
Clansman I: But it is folly to reject your clan. What can one be without the clan?
Engalamasi: (sobbing) But what can be the clan if it glorifies in death of its people?
Clansman I: (to Engalamasi) my sister-in-law are you connotating the role of voodoo in the death of your daughter.
Masika: A thievish dog always cowardly bark when an old woman waves her cooking stick.
(Enters Kantawala)
Kantawala: My presence is very brief, because am to attend to a bigger funeral of one of our well-to-do Catholic faithful who passed away three days ago.
Gravedigger I (To Kantawala) you mean there is big funeral and small funeral?
Kantawala: What will you call the burial ceremony of a man with four wives, thirty sons and twenty of them are senior officers in the army? even one of them is a Catholic chaplain with the Keya Army Battalions in Sierria Leorne.
Gravedigger I: I will call it bigger funeral.
Kantawala: Yes, and even for your information, more gravediggers are needed there.
Clansman II: Let's put a side the differences between bigger funeral and small funeral. Let the Bishop tell us his message.
Kantawala: Yes, that is true; I want to ask Masika how far he has gone with the burial arrangement of his daughter. Because the church leaders have only allowed two days for him to stay with a dead body in the church compound.
Clansman I; (To Masika) How far have you gone with the burial arrangement my brother?
Masika: (To Kantawala) but Bishop…… Bishop…………. Bishop…………
Kantawala: Don't take things lightly. Kindly remove the dead body from the compound of the church (walks away) .
Clansman I; (to Masika) who told me that you are also a Catechist of that church?
Masika; (fearfully) I am a Catechist
Clansman II: Where did you take the money you were paid when you sold your ancestral land?
Engalamasi: (sobbing) what is now all these, doesn't Bishop Kantawala know that my husband is a Catechist? That my dead daughter was baptized in this church? (She joins mourners, wailing) .
Gravediggers I and II: let us go, we are late for somewhere. But you can sent someone to call us when you are ready for grave digging.


In Wenwa's house, Wenwa is dressed in a rain coat, and rubber gum boots, sitted on a papyrus chair playing a banjo, the base is most audible.

Wenwa: (playing a banjo and singing)
Gods of my land and our peole
You are great and marvelous
In your generousity, you gave,
To myself the most magnarimous heart;
Whoever that has never eaten form my palms
May be that one we haven not met
I have fed all people,
A thousand fold food - - seekers,
From my granaries, my baskets,
I extol and exult you gods
Might gods of my land
For the genuine heart
You gave to me fathomless,
Out of all the sons and daughers
Of this clan of ours,
The heroic clan of Barefu.
(Enters Busolo and Kasili)

Busolo: I love your songs they are nice and good.
Wenwa: Thank you, thank you a lot our leader. It is me who has to appreciate your coming to my house. Kindly have your sits (showing them where to sit as he puts aaside the Banjo) .

Kasili (sitting) let me sit near the door, I am having some flu. I have to be going out to cough. You know.

Wenwa: it is not a matter my dear elder.
Busolo: (Taking out a cigarette) Wenwa let me sent you to bring me fire please; even if you are my knife-mate, my ‘Bakoki'.
Wenwa: Feel at home Bakoki, this house is as good as your own, (he disappears into the inner chamber and comes back with a glowing amber) Take it carefully my Bakoki, (handing the amber of fire to Busolo) .
Kasili: Busolo, you could have brought a matchbox, these ambers of yours can soil hands of mhenshiwa.
Busolo: (blowing out ciggarrete smoke) fire is fire it doesn't matter the source. Moreover ambers are good in saving energy (gives the amber back to Wenwa)
Wenwa: Has it burned the cigarette?
Busolo: Yes
Wenwa: (Taking back the amber) Good, I wanted that (comes back after throwing the amber at fireyeard at the inner chamber) .
Busolo: Am now ok, than when I was coming in. I was getting suffocated of an urge to smoke.
Wenwa: Bakoki, you are right, there is no painful thirsty like that one of need for smoking. It is more harsh than an urge for alcohol.
Busolo: Very true
Kasili: What about an urge for Marijuanna?
Wenwa: Let me come back to answer you (disappears into the inner chamber, comes back with a kettle and mugs) .
Kasili: You can now answer
Wenwa: (setting for Busolo and Kasili the mugs, pouring tea for them) .
You know what, there is nothing as stupid as developing a habit of consuming Marijuanna. My brother here, my cousin brother you all know, he is none other than Masika. He began consuming Marijuanna. He also encouraged his wife Engalamasi to do the same. Bakoki, I want to confirm to you that the weed affected them badly. They began giving birth to undersized children, children that are as small as a shoe of a woman. The kids have been dying after a month, two months or so. Masika has now sold away his land at a throw away price. He again had to spend all the money received from selling of his land on Marijuanna. Bakoki, as we are talking now, Masika is a destitute of land. He now pretends to be a follower of the Catholic Church.
Busolo: (shaking his head) , I now understand.
Wenwa: You better understand (stands to peep out) you are not taking tea, why?
Kasili: We are talking as we take.
Busolo: Now tell us, who bought the land?
Kasili: How big was the land? If I can ask before you give an answer to the question of your Bakoki.
Wenwa: Elders, your questions can even make me shed tears. My brother, that man; Masika and his wife Engalamas.uhm! Sold away two acres of ancestral land to a foreigner. To a person who cannot speak a single word of our language. People come here to mock me that our worthiness clan has lost land to a Somali others say he is a very rich Kikuyu.
Kasili: You want to fell me that Masika sold land of the clan to a Kikuyu man?
Wenwa: Where have your ears gone my fellow elder? The land is already gonie to the Kikuyus!
Kasili: Eheee! (tapping) his lap. Then I can also confirm that Marijuanna is bad.
Wenwa: Why not? Why not? What else can Marijuanna do to a man?
Busolo: (clearing tea from his mug) how can we help such a man now?
Kasili: (pushing a way a half empty mug) . Am ok, I had already taken some tea at my home.
Wenwa: (to Busolo) to help him with what? Bakoki, such people should be allowed to chew the full size of their foolishness.

Busolo: What I mean is that helping him to bury his dead daughter.
Wenwa: Which daughter is dead?
Busolo: I don't know the daughter, but I think he has been having a daughter who died four days ago. It's Kantawala the bishop who told me.
Kasili: The girl is called Nabutusiu.
Wenwa: Nabutusiu is dead?
Busolo: Yes, Nabutusiu is dead
Wenwa: (laughing extensively) Masika will bury Nabutusiu in Marijuanna, no one told him to sell away his land, if not his dirty foolishness.
Kasili: This is not a laughing matter. In fact we came to consult with you, so that the site of burial can be identified.
Wenwa: Let Masika bury his dead daughters in the Catholic Church if not in his lovely Marijuanna.
Busolo: Bakoki, (addressing Wenwa) Let us be realistic, you know we are now old people. It is a generation since we were circumscised let us calm down so that we know how we can help our brother to bury his dauther Nabutusiu.
Wenwa: What is your idea?
Busolo: Given that you are the first causing of Masika in this clan of Barefu, kindly offer yourself to bury Nabutusiu.
Wenwa: Elders, I cannot refuse to bury Nabutusiu. In fact she is like my daughter, because the blood that used to run in her veins is the same blood running in my veins; her grand father is my father. But elders, do you know why as old as I am I still cooking for myself? Do you know why I served you tea by myself? Please come I show you (Busolo and Kasili stands up, near where Wenwa is) look out there. What is that? Is it not the grave of my wife? Infact it is still fresh, as no grass, has grown on it. So kindly elders, I cannot have two fresh graves at my door yard.
Kasili: Then your clan has to contribute money to buy a place in the cemeteries for the burial of Nabutusiu
(Enters Clansman I and II)
Clansman I: Thank you God! … I have met our area Member of Parliament, infact today I will manage to have my supper. I knew that this is my lucky day. I met a man at my gate as I was coming out. Ooho! Today I am sure of my supper I (dances as he shakes hands with Busolo) .
Clansman II: Calm down please
Kasili: What is meeting a man first at your gate has to do with our Mheshimiwa and your evening food?
Clansman I: (to Kasili) you go and keep the cemeteries, I am not going to beg from you.
Kasili: Answer my question.
Clansman I: Are you not aware that my first offspring is a son. Appearance of a man to me as a first event of my morning is assign of a lucky day.
Busolo: Let it end there gentlemen.
Clansman II: The better
Wenwa: (to clasman I and II) what brings you here my dear clansmen?
Clansman I: Masika has been ejected out of the church compound by Diaba.
Clansman II: Diaba is only the caretaker; he was simply carrying out the instructions of Kantawala, the Bishop of the Catholic Church at the Diocese of Ndambasi.
Kasili: To be brief, tell us what has happened from where you are coming?
Clasnman II: Masika is roaming up and down the road with a dead body in his hands. The church has chased him away; they don't want any cadaver within the church compound) .
Busolo; (putting a mobile phone on his ears) . Elders, this is a very important call. Let me receive. But inform me of your progress. (Walks away) .
Clansman II: (to Wenwa) Brother, let us find a solution, let not our past squabbles with the clan make us to ignore the agonies of our clansman. There is no way you can abandon your clan.
Kasili: Yes, you are now talking.

At the road, in front of the main gate of Catholic Church, Masika, Engalamasi and Abdullu are standing aimlessly. Masika carrying the Cadavar of Nabutusiu in his arms.

Engalamasi: I never imagined thinking that Bishop Kantawala can do this to us. Now, where are we going to bury Nabutusiu?
Diaba: I have no help. I was instructed by the Bishop to eject you out. You, Know I canot go even for aninch, against the orders of my Bishop.
Abdullu: (to Masika) brother, I also have no otherwise. Had you been a Muslim, I could be able to help. I could simply request our Sheikh for you bury your daughter in our Muslim cemeteries. But bad luck, you are not a Muslim.
Engalamasi; (To Masika) my husband, didn't I tell you that we could better join Islam
that time you had sold land? Your bigheadedness made You to reject my idea. Now look at what the Catholic Church has done to us.
Masika: It's not my mistake. There is no way I could know that the church will chase me away when I have a problem.
Engalamasi: It was your mistake. What could prevent you from fore-knowledge of such a mess other than your toreador's spirit?
Abdullu: (to Masika) But brother all is not gone; you can still go back and negotiate with the Bishop. Furthermore you are the Cathechist of this church.What can prevent you from negotiating.

(Enters, Wenwa, Kasili, Clansman I, classman II and the Mourners)

Clansman I: (to Masika) why are you walking up and down the road with a dead body in your hand? What happened to your house inside the church compound?
Diaba: Bishop Karitawala ordered for him to be ejected out.
Clansman I: Which Kantawala? Is he the one I Know?
Diaba: Which Kantawala do you know me; I am talking about Bishop Kantawala of Ndambasi Catholic Dioces.
Clansman I: I don't belive what you are saying. When bishop Kantawala did became a vernal of this type that he chases the full Catechist from the church?
Masika: (putting down Cadaver of Nabutusiu, he breathes deep to clear his voice to talk) . Let us not blame Bishop Kantawala. He is many times better than the clan. I mean a hundred times better than the clan.
Clansman I: Which clan are you talking about?
Masika: The clan of Barefu, what else?
Clansman I: Look at you now.
Clansman II; Let us be slow with our mouths.
Clansman I: There is no any mature mouths that will be slow in the light of such….
Masika: Such what? Such what? Go a head and finish your statement you wretch! And for your information, let me caution you; give me time I mourn my daughter. It is not a must that you have to be here.
Kasili: Young men, don't confuse us with your runaway emotions. Can you calm down so that we get to know the best way forward.
Abdullu: Yes that is what we want.
Diaba: Very much, let us listen to this elder, perhaps………………….. (Pointing to Kasili)
Kasili: (to Masika) where are we going to bury your daughter?
Masika: I have been ejected out of the church compound. That is where I have been living.
Kasili: What reason made you to be chased away from the church compound?
Masika: Even I have not been told, I was only told to come away from the church compound.
Diaba: Let me help to clarify. As you all know I am the caretaker of the entire residential houses found at our Cathedral.
Kasili: (To Diaba) you can go a head, but remember to preserve time.
Diaba: Ok, you know elders and my brothers; we have to be empathizing with our brother, for what has just befallen him. Loosing a daughter at this time is a deep wound on the heart of one.
Clansman I: You were told to be brief.
Clansman II: (to clansman I) don't jump at every word as if a young boy is chasing butterlies. Cann't you listen?
Kasili: By the way
Diaba: Let me continue now (coughs) You know Bishop Kantawala said that harbouring a dead body within the vicinity of the church is a nuisance.
Abdullu: You mean he said that?
Diaba: That is what I mean. So, he commanded me to eject this man; Masika to move out of the house so that the church can use that house for something else.
Abdullu: You are surprising me. Masika is the Catechist of this church. Can't you have some sympathy for him? If it was Jesus Christ himself what could he have done for Masika?
Diaba: Keep that question for Jesus Christ. I have simply done what I was instructed. You all that I cannot go against the command of my Bishop.

Kasili: (to Masika) now everything is connotating that the church has refused you. Which plans to you have for your dead daughter?
Masika: Plans like what?
Kasili: I mean the burial for this dead body is overdue, which plans are you having in your mind?
Engalamasi; (sobbing) Leave my daughter alone. It is not a must that she has to be buried. I can even stay with her even if she is dead.
Clansman I: (to Engalamasi) what are you saying?
Clansman II: (to clansman I) give her time to mourn.
Kasili: But now, what is to be done?
Diaba: The church can do nothing for Masika, unless after he buries his daughter.
Clansman II: If the church refuses you what can you do? Don't you need to go back to the clan?
Clansman I: Correct, a man needs both the clan and the church. Not the church alone.
Abdullu: Then that will not be Christianity.
Clansman I: What will it be?
Abdullu: It will be Christo-paganism.
Clansman II: It can be Christo-paganism yes, but as a solution to such like dilemma.
Clansman I: (to Abudullu) the time one of your Moslems will be in such like a predicament, you will then see the need for adjusting that Islam of yours to Islamo-paganism.
Abdullu: Never on earth, Islam will ever remain the pure way of God.
Clansman II: (to Abdullu) , what about Boko Haram, Al shabab and Al gaeda Islamists that kill women and innocent children. The ones that massacre hamlets and rape defenseless women. Are they still doing the pure way of God?
(Enters Wenwa)

Clansman I: Good, here comes one of us. Our son of the clan. Wenwa please you have done good to come.
Wenwa: (reluctantly) thank you. Today I said to myself that I must be here to commissariate with my brother.
Kasili: Your brother is ejected from where he has be staying. Look he is roaming up and down the road with the cadaver of his daughter.
Wenwa: I got the news already.
Kasili: What are we supposed to do so that we help him out of this quackmire?
Clansman II: A solution is to bury our daughter in a dignified way.
Kasili: where will you get a dignified burial without money?
Wenwa: (To Masika) my brother, when you sold away your ancestral land for money, where did you take the money?
Masika: (To Wenwa) Brother, look at me. Look on my body. Have you seen any Pockets? There are no pockets on my clothes.
Clansman I: So you don't have the money with you?
Clansman II: (to clansman I) your tonque moves senselessly like a he goat on heat.
Masika: I don't have any money.
Abdullu: Do we need money or a place to bury the girl?
Clansman I: That is a Muslim question. A question without legs or head. What will you pay the gravediggers? Money or that Koran of yours?
Wenwa: Let us not take my brother's challenge as an opportunity to execute prejudice onto others.
Clansman II: I told you elders, this man (pointing at clansman I) has a phrodisiac he goat in the mouth. Not a human tongue.
Wenwa: I have the moey for all the requirements that we are to meet in the burial of our daughter.
Kasili: Stupendous! What a sound and soignée mind! Let gods of our land bless you for the generosity, my dearest brother Wenwa.
Abdullu: Amen!
Diaba: (to masika) let us now tell the Bishop that there is money for burial.
Clansman I: To tell Bishop, what? This money is for burial of our daughter not to be given to your church as alms.
Wenwa: good luck, Kasili is here with us. He is charge of Public cemeteries. We can give him the money and off we go to bury our daughter.
Kasili: Infact I will organize to pay the gravediggers my self. You give the money.
Wenwa: (Takes out bank notes and gives them to Kasili) Here is Kenya shilling two thousands. Kindly permit us we bury our daughter.
Kasili: I will (takes the money)
Clansman I: (Jumping up, as he chants) The clan! The Clan! The clan! Our clan of Barefu! Bareful! Barefu!

Kasili: Now elders, let us go to the cemetery and bury Nabutusile (He picks the Cadaver up into his hands and shoves it to his shoulders) let us go to the cemetery.
All: Let us go
Engalamasi: (crying) Oh! My daughter, how unfortunate are you that you become the first person in our family to be buried in the public cemetery. Look you are going to sleep with foreign spirits. Oh my daughter, where did I wrong my gods. O! My daughter Nabutusiu


Here reigns the on and off in the human heart,
Where what is to be done is beauty in erratics
Committing evil in your back and acting divinity
In your eyes, the human heart an Abyss and domain
Of benevolence ever swinging from side to side
Dystopia on the left Cactopia and Utopia on the right,
Mixing right and wrong, to blend out suaveness,
Glorifying in the agony of others as sombre
We go in the glory of our brothers, sisters.
The engine of all the strange human heart,
Rest in peace my dear daughter nabutusiu! !


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