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Hello September! - Poem by Jacques Sprenkie Mateya

You came sooner that expected?
I was still saying bye to Augustine
But September you look sad today?
Sorry! I can't hear you properly, your tone is low
Why are you blushing and looking down?
I know about the death of your sister
Be strong September
Your presents here bought bad news, i know
Its normal for you to feel that way, you are a human being too
Its fine you will be fine

By the way you look uncertain today
Where is your brother October?
Ooh! I see him right behind you, weaving a hand for me
Hi October too, no i wasn't talking to you
I was talking to you friend September here
And I have just said bye to Augustine
Is not your friend? Is your brother! Ok
September here is telling me about the death of his sister
Who was laid to rest previous weekend?
Its sad news is in it?
Before you came I asked him about my birthday
He smiled and said is not the 23rd yet

I told him that there are bad times and Good times
Let's wait for my birthday and see what it has in store for him
To easy away his mourning
But gifts I can't buy gifts for him on my birthday
I told him to forget it, he must buy gifts for me
By the way September, what is you birthday?
Don't laugh I am asking you
You don't have one? Or you mother
Don't remember the day in which you where born?
Every body has birthday? Is it?
Can I borrow you my birthday
But it wouldn't fit you?
You have big hand, big head and long legs September
When you were born people where playing with water?
Do they know that water is life?

So you don't have clothes too
Ok you, December, November and January you are tall
You don't have a size
But it is not good for you to walk naked
People see things on you
You should cover your self with rain or clouds
Sorry if I sound rude to you.
But tell me why your mother has so many kids
You are twelve at home is in it?
And you have four children of you own
They have seven children of their own.
You family is big 12 brothers and sisters
Their children including yours are 52
And great grand children are 365

Don't ask me how did I know, I know your family members
They all like to come at home
I like you and your brothers and sisters
You come at home once in a year but you overstay, why?
I mostly like your elder brother, when ever he visits people give us gifts
And we spent the whole month not going to school or work
To relax until he is gone,

Why he likes rain and snow, he was born on rainy day or something?
But you great grand children they come at home everyday!
And you father is worse,
When he comes he wait for 12 of you to go first be fore he goes
When I come here to met you, September?
I left Monday at home and he said
Tuesday was on her way coming.
I have you to go now? September?
Ok you can go, I will have a little talk with October?
It's always a pleasure talking to you
And having you around September?
Please visit again some time soon

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