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In this page, poems on / about “birthday” are listed.

  • 277.
    My Brthday

    My birthday: 13th of April 1984

    There shall be my birthday
    I had so many birthday so many years read more »

  • 278.

    Here's a wish for happiness
    And many dreams come true
    Not only on your Special Day
    But always - all life through read more »

  • 279.
    Happy Birthday to me

    There are many first on my birthday today.
    This is my first birthday that I had a daughter Louise Wayne,
    She will be turning one, while I am turning Thirty nine,
    Many long years of unexpected labor of love read more »

  • 280.
    Birthday Poem

    Here's a wish for happiness
    And many dreams come true
    Not only on your Special Day
    But always - all life through read more »

  • 281.
    Happy Birthday Wish

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
    From the famed framed sunrise
    The one and only immortal one
    Who spun every gem beyond the Sun read more »

  • 282.
    The Day After Your Birthday

    The day after your birthday, 
 you look in the mirror to see: 
 a) you've got a zit from eating all that cake; 
 b) your love handles have expanded a half inch; 
 c) you singed your eyebrows blowing out the candles.
    The day after your birthday, 
 a) you require six extra hours of sleep; 
 b) you can't find your living room under the birthday debris; 
 c) you wonder how you could possibly have done THAT.
    The day after your birthday, it's time to: 
 a) return some gifts (what IS that, anyway?): 
 b) call your friends and apologize for yesterday; 
 c) get out of the country, fast.
    The day after your birthday...
 we should all look so great
 and have it so good! read more »

  • 283.
    Neither is mine!

    Happy Birthday, wishes divine,
    Although I know it isn't that day
    you kindly see, neither is mine!
    I only wished, because it's May! read more »

  • 284.

    On this day,
    to your Pa and Ma
    a condign star was born.
    A precious one, read more »

  • 285.

    Let us have birthdays every day,
    (I had the thought while I was shaving)
    Because a birthday should be gay,
    And full of grace and good behaving. read more »

  • 286.
    Happy Birthday Melvina

    For my great friend Melvina Germain

    Some things remain constant
    within our ever-changing world. read more »

  • 287.


    Happy birthday to 65 years.
    What does this Canadian birthday signify? read more »

  • 288.
    Happy Birthday(A not so funny story, but atleast I completed publishing my 50th story)

    Santa walks into a bar in Ludhiana and asks for three beers. The bartender puts them up and then watches Santa go through a peculiar ritual.
    'Happy Birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday' Each time he says the word he drinks the beer. Then he pays and walks out.
    One year later he enters the same bar again and orders the same thing. The bartender watches him go through the same ritual. Curious, he asks Santa why.
    'Well' Santa says, 'I have a friend in Canada and a friend in Sydney. We have our birthdays on the same day. We can`t be together so we have agreed that on this day we will each go into our local pub and have a round of drinks for each other. We have been doing this for 20 years since we were 18.' read more »

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