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Christmess - Poem by my Words my song


by mywords mysong

Confusion over the holiday.

Lights, trees, parties, cards, presents, Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? People are confused about this whole Christmas thing. Supposedly it signifies JESUS CHRIST’S birthday whereas HE entered into the world. However; theologians and scholars alike would argue that HE was not born in December and certainly (if you could discern from the reading of HIS actual birth place and time) it was not a wintry season. So that myth of the 25th is smashed right there.

The wise Ms Jen pointed out some interesting points about the holiday traditions; ie, the decorating of the trees, Santa Claus, mistletoe, and candy canes all of which have nothing to do with CHRIST, (except the symbolic candy canes) . Of course, Christmas is a magical time for families to come together for sharing and fellowship. Churches use this occasion to introduce to non believers the SON of GOD from a biblical viewpoint. As far as i have read, JESUS didn’t celebrate HIS birthday (at least there is no record that i know of) and HIS life was a living testament of how believers should conduct themselves. Everything HE did or said HE attributed it to HIS FATHER, never taking credit for anything or glorifying HIMSELF before GOD. Therefore it is my belief HE didn’t actually celebrate HIS birthday, (like we celebrate our own birthdays, except me) and that HE didn’t mean for HIS birth to be more significant than HIS death and resurrection.

When believers take communion at church, they do so in remembrance of HIS death and subsequent resurrection. It may seem morbid to celebrate a person’s death even if it is of the KING of KINGS; however had HIS death not been so, there would be no redemption for man. There is rumoured that supposedly a jewish influence created this Dec 25th birthday for purely retail purposes. What better way to soften hearts to spend money, than to have a saviour’s birthday party? I believe the gift giving of Christmas was inspired by the fact that the wise men beared gifts to the baby KING, thus we give each other gifts.

Yet, if Christmas surely is HIS birthday, why are we giving gifts to each other and not HIM? Gifts to HIM in the form of helping, feeding and sheltering our people in need and not just at Christmas time. It’s easy to be in the ‘giving’ mood during some specific time of the year, but that mood is long gone after the holiday cheer is over. Celebrities and politicians use Christmas as photo ops; portraying to the public their ‘good will’ towards fellow man. So the question remains; why do we celebrate Christmas and how should we celebrate it? I feel that for those who believe in the risen saviour, do use this occasion to celebrate HIS birth along with all the other christmas hoopla. Then you have those who could care less about a christ and merely celebrate because it’s a festive, traditional thing to do.

I don’t believe GOD cares that much whether believers or otherwise celebrate HIS birth with holiday traditions like the ones previously mentioned however; i KNOW he wants us to incessantly recall if not celebrate, HIS death. So as for me and my house, we celebrate CHRIST without the mas.

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