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Something To Believe In... - Poem by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

I Believe

I believe, that life is likened to, a
piece of fine crystal. It can be
beautiful, or in a moments notice,
be shattered, beyond repair.

If you do not believe in love at
first sight, believe...that perhaps,
your vision is impaired.

It matters not your age in life,
I believe love, should be
welcomed and treasured.

I believe, that many of our unanswered
questions, are only answered, when
we are no longer, of earthly matter.

I believe that some things are better
kept to ones self.

I believe that there are rooms in life's
experience, that should not be entered.

Do you believe in your God? Do you
believe, that your religion is the right
religion? What do you believe of the
billions of people who do not believe,
as you believe?

I believe, it could not be, that one religion,
is the true way to worship.
I believe, that there is one Supreme Being.
I believe this Supreme Being, is by-lingual,
multi-colored and of all ethnic races.
I believe He loves and blesses us all.

I believe, in order for this to be a better
world, it must begin with each
of us trying to be better.

I believe that the billions, upon billions
of dollars spent on the machine of war,
could better be used for poor and

I believe in a new days discovery.
I believe, in the beauty of nature.
I believe, in the kiss of the rain.
I believe that true friends are rare.

I believe in charity, without recognition.
I believe, in extending a helping hand,
to those in need.
I believe, in preserving the dignity of humanity.
I believe in the innocence of children.

I believe that one, should never let their
heart, do their thinking.

I believe, in the goodness of humanity.

I believe, that true trust, is like interest
earned, on money in a bank... it comes
with the passing of time.

I believe in wisdom.
I believe in the beauty of a starlit sky.
I believe in promises kept.
I believe that America, truly is
the land of opportunity.

I do not believe, that most dreams come true.
I do believe, that dreams can lead one
to the path, of ones inner desires.

I believe, that many listen, but do not hear.
I believe in honesty and integrity.
I believe, in a mothers love.
I believe in a fathers pain.

I believe, in placing ones family first.
I believe that many successful people,
leave in their path, countless orphans
of success.

I believe, when the sickness is sadness,
laughter is the cure.

I believe, that a good work ethic, can
serve all of us well.

I believe in good wine and good friends.
I believe, in a time each day, to give thanks.
I believe in forgiveness.
I believe, if one can forgive a friend,
then surely, one can forgive family.

I believe in the power of the written word.
I still believe in hand written letters.
I believe the first cup of coffee in the
morning, is the best.

I's important to believe in
something you care about.

I believe, in sanctity of life.

I believe that each day of life, is
precious and a treasure of
unequalled value.

© Joe Fazio

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