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Maryland - The Pretty Bride - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

O Maryland! You are the the most beautiful Among all your sisters. The fallen leaves of MD Are the address of your beauty. The creeks run here and there Adding more beauty to that of yours. Nature is in MD For that it inspired to me All the time to write and express Myself in your lots. Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter Are all in your land. O Maryland! you are the land of Inspiration, beauty, and creativity. God's hand is always over there To protect you and keep you safe. Maryland is the pretty bride Waiting for the groom to come. Maryland's bridal wedding is coming soon. In Fall the trees'fallen leaves Yellow, somewhat reddish, and brown have in common a tale. In Winter snow falls and covers All these fallen leaves hiding Every fallen leaf's tale. In Spring the white dress of MD Starts melting making all MD's creeks, Rivers, and pits swollen. In Summer the leaves of MD's trees Unfold the hidden tale of every fallen leaf. Maryland is the land of beauty and inspiration That everyone sees in its nature. God gave MD all wonderful beauty In everything. Seasons'time is the best For telling the real tales Of MD's beauty and inspiration. The deepest roots of love and beauty Born in the land of MD. Nothing nicer or better than Of MD's eternal beauty. Still the fallen leaves of MD Inspire me near or far. I told Mr Art: 'I'M not kidding about the tales of Every fallen leaf seen in MD.' Mr Art looked at me and smiled. I love you so much, O MD. O Maryland! You are the beautiful tale of Every tongue. You the inspiration's music and Nature'S eternal lovely song. God's hand made your wonderful picture, So you became the only pretty bride In all seasons'cycle of life. All your eagles, doves, sparrows, and All other birds sing continuously in love of you. O Maryland! you are the artist's picture, You are the pretty bride that Gets herself ready for the would-be groom, and You the eternal image of love and inspiration. MD is the taste of fragrance and The real voice of calmness. No one can deny your inspiration When he sits around contemplating and Watching all beautiful images. And I can tell you Whispering in your ears: 'You are the love and Inspiration.' O Maryland! You are the pretty bride.

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