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Poems About: BEAUTY

In this page, poems on / about “beauty” are listed.

  • 37.
    Beauty is -

    The beauty beheld is alive.
    Beauty hiding is of the soul.
    Beauty freed is love.
    Beauty seen is beauty in control. read more »

    Josh Alfred
  • 38.
    The Most Beautiful

    She is the most beautiful

    Everybody says so read more »

    Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu
  • 39.
    Was There No Truth to Your Beauty?

    Was there no truth to your beauty?
    What of the lies your beauty told me?
    Was your beauty all that there was to see?
    Did I not make your beauty part of me? read more »

    Ronberge (anno secundo)
  • 40.
    Is There Any Truth in Beauty?

    Is there any truth in Beauty?
    What of the lies beauty tells thee?

    Could my beauty not be as worthy read more »

    Ronberge (anno secundo)
  • 41.
    Something Beautiful...

    Beauty, have you lost yourself again
    In the freezing mud
    Can’t you remember anymore
    That goodbye is not a farewell for me read more »

    Not A Dream Choice
  • 42.
    Beauty Can Be Something

    Beauty is whats on the inside maybe not on the outside, Beauty is trust, Beauty is caring for others, Beauty is in the way you laugh, Beauty is in your eyes, Beauty is not mean, Beauty is not covered with make-up, And beauty is also true love. read more »

    angelica nuesi
  • 43.
    .. My Definition Of Beauty

    Beauty are the roses
    Mixed with beauty within
    Not just a pretty face
    Or pleasures it brings read more »

    Eyan Desir
  • 44.

    There is so much beauty in life,
    Beauty in the human soul,
    Beauty in the heart and in the mind
    Of the good man and woman. read more »

    Emmy Nielsen Reyes de Gaspar
  • 45.
    Your Beauty

    Your beauty makes me want to put sunglasses on in the dark
    Your beauty is brighter then the sun n lights up every room
    Your beauty is breath taken.
    Your beauty makes me weak in the knees read more »

    Tyler Walker
  • 46.

    Blonde hairs, blue eyes and bell shaped body
    Is that what you call beauty?
    Brown eyes, braided hairs and skinny body read more »

    Opsy Coucchy
  • 47.
    The Beauty We Ignore

    I am the beauty
    The beauty in the summer *the heat*
    We ignore it
    . read more »

    victoria martinez
  • 48.
    Beauty Knows My Beauty Too

    Beauty isn't my ornament
    Yet Beauty knows my beauty too,
    I ain't rich to buy me charm
    And reap least when glamour calls, read more »

    Athishu Peter
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